Participants of FIBA ​​TIME-OUT 2.0 Project Graduated with a Ceremony Held at Basketball House

Successful participants of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) Europe’s TIME-OUT 2.0 project were celebrated with a graduation ceremony held at Patrick Baumann Basketball House in Switzerland last week.

The project consisted of three parts with 47 graduates in the section reserved for active and retired players. To encourage women in leadership, the all-female national federation WiLEAD group had 30 participants, while 30 national federation members attended SWISH (Sports Politics and Integrity) and integrity officer training.

While 47 players graduated from the training, Muratcan Güler, the General Manager of the Turkey Men’s National Team, was among the graduates. In addition, Yağız Kaba, Head of Basketball Development and Projects of the Turkish Basketball Federation, was among those who completed the SWISH training.

Time-Out 2.0 graduates received a three-phase training that included the FIBA ​​Sports Business Management course, the Leadership and Management from Northumbria University, and the athlete’s lifestyle counseling program from the Talented Athlete Scholarship Program (TASS).

Muratcan Güler from Turkey along with FIBA ​​Women’s EuroBasket 2021 MVP Sonja Vasic from Serbia, Greek legend Evina Maltsi, Belgian national players Axel Hervelle and Kim Mestdagh, Hungarian Zsofia Fegyverneky, Italian Giorgia Sottana, Slovenian Sani Becirovic, Lithuanian Giedrius Gustas and FIBA ​​Players Commissioner Yahor Meshcharakou was among the graduates.

FIBA Europe President Turgay Demirel said: “I want to congratulate all graduates and reassure them that they have acquired many unique skills to prepare for their new careers. We are sure of this because we have closely followed the successful professional transition of graduates of the first edition of TIME-OUT. I would also like to point out that, regardless of whether their next steps take them outside the basketball court or stick to our sport, I would like to point out that the FIBA ​​Europe Board and I will proudly support them during this exciting period in the knowledge that TIME-OUT 2 is helping them develop their potential. “As I look forward to meeting graduates who have chosen to work in basketball in their new roles, I look forward to seeing their contribution to the growth of the sport and their national federation.” said.

Kamil Novak, FIBA ​​Executive Director, said: “Of course, our congratulations today to every graduate of this program, but our project partners also deserve a big round of applause. They had the foresight and capacity to see the enormous potential of TIME-OUT since its inception and joined us on this journey that would of course not have been possible without the European Union’s Erasmus+ programme. For this reason, I would like to thank our academic partners at Northumbria University, the German Sports University Cologne and TASS, and the Basketball Federation of the Netherlands, France, Italy, Czech Republic and Hungary” he said.

TIME-OUT 2.0 is a project aimed at promoting education in and through sport, with a particular focus on talent development, as well as supporting the implementation of EU directives on the dual careers of athletes. The main focus of this project is the development of transferable skills and the creation of a variety of new sports and academic programs by athletes, federation staff and other stakeholders.

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