Peter Lim: “People say ‘we are Valencians, we know the club’ but with them Valencia went bankrupt”


The maximum shareholder of Valencia CF recognizes in an interview in Financial times that both Valencia and football are one more business within his fortune of 2,700 million of dollars.

Peter Lim, Valencia CF’s largest shareholder, speaks out in an interview with the Financial Times and sends a strong message to all Valencian fans who are unhappy with his management and who It will be manifested this Saturday in a march that will end in Mestalla: “They’re trying to make sure I don’t sell the club to anyone other than them. These people argue ‘We are Valencians, we know the club’. But with the Valencians, the club went bankrupt, right? I don’t want to belittle the club but … it has 102 years of history. Have you never won the Champions League and wanted to win it at all costs? They have birds on their heads. “

Valencia, one more business

Peter Lim is one of the richest people in Singapore with a fortune of 2.7 billion dollars, according to Forbes. In fact, he sees Valencia as one more business of the many he has but flatly denies that he uses the club to speculate on transfers or profit in other ways. “I can do 101 things to earn money and it is what I think I can control better. It’s something I’m good at. Later, I wake up and I own a soccer club and see what happens. There’s no more. And the truth is that I have some compassion for the fans. Among us, among friends, we say that the smallest things are the ones that give you the biggest headaches. “

Valencia as a means of making contacts

Lim believes that Valencia is an “active trophy”, a purchase that allows him to rub shoulders with top people in the world of football. “It has been incredibly good to be able to do networking. Once we were having dinner with different owners of different clubs watching the final of the Champions League. You had sheikhs, kings, gangsters, blacks, whites and yellows at that meeting. And we were arguing about why someone had paid so much money for a footballer. We were like children … This sport makes everything equal “.

The problem of the new Mestalla

Peter Lim has no plans to sell Valencia since he is sure that it is now worth much more than the 100 million he paid in 2014 despite the multiple problems it is generating, one of them the construction of the new Mestalla. “The debt we would have incurred was not sustainable “ although he hopes to find “a solution” to complete the project as soon as possible.

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