Philadelphia with Furkan Korkmaz secured the play off

In the NBA, Furkan Korkmaz defeated the Atlanta Hawks 127-83 in the Philadelphia 76ers field by 44 points and secured the play off in the Eastern Conference. Furkan Korkmaz, who took 16 minutes, completed the fight with 12 points, 1 rebound.

Philadelphia 76ers, wearing the uniform of our national basketball player Furkan Korkmaz in the NBA, hosted the Atlanta Hawks.

Furkan Korkmaz, who took 16 minutes in the match in which Philadelphia 76ers beat the Atlanta Hawks 127-83 at the Eastern Conference, played with 12 points and 1 rebound.

With this win, the 76ers secured their entry into the playoffs in the NBA.


Cleveland Cavaliers-Orlando Magic: 104-109

Philadelphia 76ers-Atlanta Hawks: 127-83

New York Knicks-Chicago Bulls: 113-94

Boston Celtics-Charlotte Hornets: 120-111

Washington Wizards-Los Angeles Lakers: 116-107

Miami Heat-San Antonio Spurs: 116-111

Memphis Grizzlies-Portland Trail Blazers: 109-130

Denver Nuggets-New Orleans Pelicans: 114-112

Phoenix Suns-Los Angeles Clippers: 109-101

Sacramento Kings-Utah Jazz: 105-154

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