Photos that prove Tom Brady looks younger than 20 years ago

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Tom brady He showed again after winning his seventh Super Bowl that the years do not go through him. The quarterback of Tampa Bay Buccaneers starred in a performance that earned him his fifth MVP of the game that closes the NFL season, thanks to his 21 of 29 in passes, for 201 yards and three touchdowns.

But, beyond the statistical section, it also stands out these days how the QB of the Bucs, and before the Patriots, remains in enviable shape for a 43-year-old. TB12 came to the league in 2000 and won their first Super Bowl in 2002, but the case is if the image file is reviewed, the star seems even younger now than in his early days as a professional.

Brady, in 2002 (24 years) and now (43 years).

The weight loss since Brady came to the Patriots to this day is remarkable and, although his face may not be so youthful, the truth is that it seems that the years do not go by the husband of Gisele Bündchen. An ideal diet coupled with the loss of kilos have sharpened their features and it seems that they have been the same almost since their inception.

Photos of season sheet.

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