Pınar Karşıyaka has reached the semi-finals


The last team to reach the semi-finals in the ING Basketball Super League was the Izmir team. Yeşil-Kırmızılılar, who won Türk Telekom in the 3rd match of the Play-Off quarter-final series by 25 points difference, will compete with Fenerbahçe for the final ticket by 5 points.

Karşıyaka was the last team to reach the semi-finals in the ING Basketball Super League Play-Off series. İzmir team defeated Türk Telekom 96-71 with a 25 points difference in the third match of the quarter-final series that continued 1-1. Kaf Kaf, who finished the first quarter ahead 20-13, moved the difference to 16 with 31-15 in the second period, but entered the circuit with 11 points 43-32. Türk Telekom, which started well in the third quarter of the match, reduced the difference to 3 points. However, the Izmir team did not allow its opponent to get closer to him, and opened the gap again with the 7 points of Henry, Taylor and Morgan.

First 2 matches in Istanbul

Karsiyaka, which brought the difference down to 3 with the contribution of foreigners to 18 at the end of the period, was 70-55 in the final section. Playing comfortably in the last quarter, the Izmir team widened the gap even more, won 96-71 and eliminated Türk Telekom with a 2-1 run. Karşıyaka will face Fenerbahçe in the semifinals. The first two matches of the series, which will begin on May 20, will be played in Istanbul. In the series where the team with 3 wins will make it to the finals, the 3rd and if necessary the 4th match will be held in Izmir. If it comes to Series 2-2, it will be in Istanbul in the last fight.

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