Piqué: “Whenever we have been to the US it has been a great experience, I hope we can go and play there”


The Barça defender, in the presentation of the agreement between LaLiga, ESPN and Relevent: “Football is very much alive, not as the Superliga say,” he said. Thebes

SHuge satisfaction in LaLiga during the presentation of the historic agreement between LaLiga and the ESPN: Spanish soccer will be seen in the US for the next eight seasons thanks to that operator, at a rate of 175 million euros each as announced Expansion.

In a joint event they have formalized this agreement with ESPN in a live event presented by Fernando Palomo placeholder image, with the presence, among others, of the president of LaLiga Javier Tebas and the Barcelona player, Gerard Piqué, in addition to several Relevent executives such as Stephen Ross and ESPN.

“I am extremely happy and excited that LaLiga is partnering with ESPN, who are the best. Our fans are going to be thrilled to be able to watch every game on ESPN in America. Whenever we have had the opportunity to travel there to play the experience has been tremendously good. I hope we can go to play in the future, “he explained. Gerard Piqué.

“We are good. We would be better if we could have won the last game. In the end we are here for you to enjoy this sport. I think every year the level is increasing and we have rivals who are growing a lot, like Levante, which we couldn’t beat on Tuesday. They may not be as popular as Real Madrid or us, but they are doing very well and this is a great opportunity to meet them and meet other players who are growing a lot, “added the Barcelona player.” There are other clubs that they are doing very well like the Sevilla they have fought until the end like Sevilla. Every year there are more clubs that can try to get closer to the top and for us it is more difficult, “he added.

New ways to attract the youngest

On the difficulty that operators find to attract children, Pique He gave his own children an example: “I have two boys aged 8 and 6 and it is true that it is difficult for them to focus on TV during the 90 minutes of the game. It is different from when I was little: for me there was only football. Now they have many offers. It is a process that you cannot change from day to morning, but it is how they watch the matches and how they live the matches. Different types of content can be offered that can make it easier and more interesting for them to see it: previous data, interviews … It is not easy for them to focus because they have a lot of offer. Football in general has to adapt so that they can consume it in a different way than we did. The way they live it is different the one we used to do, and it’s going to change. ”

“Promoting LaLiga in the US and Canada is very important for clubs and players. America is the leader in everything it does, and in sport as well. The more we penetrate that market, the greater impact we will have there and that will make us all more popular. There. This is great news for all of us. In Spain our main characteristic is the talent of the players. If you compare it with the Premier, I would say that there football is much more physical, more powerful. Here the difference may be in quality and talent, which makes us special. And also the passion and rivalry of the fans “, he concluded Pique.

Fernando Palomo placeholder image, to fire the Barcelona defender, ended up asking him about today’s training, and what it was like to have Messi every day facing him with the ball: “It is a challenge, it makes you a better player to have to measure up to him every day. Well, I have trained with him since I was 13 when he entered the Barcelona academy. He is the best player of all time. “, declared Piqué.

Thebes and the US party

In order to Javier Tebas The satisfaction of associating LaLiga with the ESPN / Disney brand will mean a giant step in the growth of the clubs: “It is a very important change because being associated with the ESPN brand gives us a touch of added quality for the brand in the US. , because they are the best. And the promotion they are going to do will be very important for our fans. Besides being the best, the growth synergies between LaLiga and the clubs will also take place in the US and that is one of the points. principal of this agreement “.

Inevitably the question of playing a game in the US was on the table again. It is an issue that is still pending judicial resolution, but during the presentation they were ambitious and even asked the president of LaLiga for a Real Madrid-Barcelona in the USA: “El Clásico is more complicated, it is the most important match between clubs in the world, but it does increase the chances of taking part in official competition. The US deserves an official match with one of our great clubs. After this agreement with ESPN our fans they deserve that we play an official game there, “he replied.

“Our obsession is to grow, not to surpass the Premier League. I am content to surpass the implantation data we have in the US and Canada. We want to give the best possible product to all subscribers. We will be very close to the Premier in eight years “, he ended Javier Tebas.

The president of the League also sent a message to Florentino Pérez on behalf of the Super League: “Football is alive, not like what the Super League say,” he said.

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