Prison for two former players of El Palo for stabbing the captain of Alhaurín de la Torre


The Provincial Court of Malaga condemns them for a crime of attempted murder and imposes 10 years in prison on each

Hfive years ago, at the end of a match between the subsidiary of El Palo and Alhaurín de la Torre, the captain of this team, Samuel Galán, received two stab wounds, one near the heart, which almost cost him his life. The Provincial Court of MalagaOnce the trial was held, he sentenced two players from the Paleño team at the time to ten years in prison for each of them for the crime of attempted murder. The The Prosecutor’s Office initially requested 16 and 14 years for the accused.

The facts that are considered proven in the trial attribute to SAG, captain of El Palo, and a colleague who was in the stands, the responsibility of the stabbing taking advantage of the celebration of the match and the subsequent victory they achieved to plan the attack.

Numerous witnesses have attested to the threats that SAG spoke to Galán, to which he had already hit a header, punished with a yellow card, before being substituted. “I’m going to kill you, do you see the minutes? When the minutes go by I’ll kill you, we’ll meet outside, I’ll wait for you”, is included in the sentence of 29 pages.

Samu Galán: “I want to thank you for all the support received”

Once outside, he contacted his partner in the stands and, at the end of the match, while the latter was holding the rival footballer by the neck, he stabbed him with a four-inch razor on two occasions. The victim managed to reach the locker room where he fainted. FuHe underwent emergency surgery and it took him 200 days to recover, although not completely since he has lost quality of life and requires cardiology check-ups.

The defendants, now convicted, admitted the assault but did not plan for it. The Court, however, has considered evidence in the sentence of ten years in prison for each one who planned it in advance. In addition to jail, they must pay 68,894 euros to the victim as civil liability and will not be able to approach him less than a kilometer away for the next eleven years. It should also be remembered that, in their day, they were suspended for life by the Malagueña Football Federation for sports practice.

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