Promotion and descent in Second: Who has more options to go up to First and go down to 1st RFEF?


In the absence of four days, and with the only certainty that Espanyol will play next season in the First Division, almost everything is to be decided in the Silver Division

Cwith everything to decide. This is how the next four days of a SmartBank League are planned which, as usual, is always the most competitive. Thus, and displaying that reputation, the only thing that to date is certain is the direct promotion of Espanyol, after he achieved his mathematical promotion at La Romareda last weekend.

With such a scenario, multiple questions arise, each one more uncertain. Who will go up to First? Who will descend a little further to the hells, to the new First RFEF? There is everything. With the firm intention of shedding light on so many hypotheses when there is very little left for the season to conclude, we ask you three questions:

Direct promotion to First

The second square in the table is unassigned. At the moment, it is the Majorca the one who occupies it, but Almeria Y Leganes they still have options of not having to go through the launch of the ‘playoffs’.

The ‘lottery’ of the playoffs in Second

There are those who venture to equate some promotion playoffs with a penalty. You can have the best pitcher, but if he goes through a bad time and loses concentration for a second, he can go through the roof. Something like this can happen to any of the four teams that will compete in this last phase of the championship. It would not be the first time that the sixth rises and the third remains at the gates, as happened for example last season with Elche, which finished sixth in the table.

  • How does the promotion playoff to First work?

As a reminder, the promotion playoffs consist of a Final four, en which the third classified is measured to the sixth, and the fourth, to the fifth. The winners of each duel then face each other to decide which of the two will be promoted.

A deeper ‘hell’: descent to Second B

Going down to Second from First gives vertigo, but doing it to Second B it can even mean the near disappearance of a team, at least, from the football map. This year there are many teams involved in this fateful outcome. One more proof of how arduous this Silver Division is always in Spanish football.

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