Puado: “Scoring two goals and qualifying is nice, but it’s past and the important thing is to beat Portugal”


ANDn the moment in which many would have chosen to finish as soon as possible, Javi Puado (Barcelona, ​​1992) He thought that the position to shoot was not the best, in the height of the rival goalkeeper and in that he had no close companions. He threw cold blood to give the pass to the semifinals to the U21, but remember that all that is already past. Touch Portugal.

How do you have such a cool head to score that goal?
I went out a little later and was not that tired, but at that point one can be rushed. At first I couldn’t throw the ball to the ground and finish off with my left and I stopped. But when I saw that I could leave the goalkeeper and that the goal was going to be almost empty, I tried.
He did not even have to see Cucurella’s long ball to uncheck himself.
I saw him just when he raised his head and with so much field that there was, I knew that the center-backs were more tired and were going to be slower than me. Cucu gave me an incredible pass.
Did you notice when you left that you were with the arrow up?
I was really looking forward to it. When you go out you have to try to help the team, but the truth is that the first ball I touched I lost. I tried to make her face it and she was stolen from me. But in the second I went forward and I trusted a lot in my speed and my strength.
They did not fall apart in extra time despite the goal.
If a team scores in the last minute from a penalty, it can give them extra motivation. But we send a message of calm, not to rush because we were doing things well. We knew we would have some, like Manu’s and my second goal.
It was noted that starters and substitutes row equally.
Every player wants to start and play every minute, but the coach is the one who proposes the game in the best way to win. We are to achieve the title whoever plays. If you have to be a substitute, you have to do what they ask you and what the party needs to help.
This team may not have players with the experience of other generations, but they are achieving similar successes.
We have not yet achieved the same success, we would have to win. It is true that in previous years there have been high quality players. Now we are those that the coach considers to be the best and regardless of the category you have to show what you are capable of. If the coach thinks you have to be here, it will be for a reason.
What do you think when young foreigners make big transfers and you hardly sound?
It’s football, the teams decide who they sign. There are very good players outside of Spain and if you pay 50 or 20 million for them, it will be because they are worth it. But in Spain there are players of a lot of quality who can do it just as well or better. The quarry must be trusted. Why not bet on us?
What is its demarcation?
I can play as a midfielder, as a forward, on the right or on the left. Even if they have to put me indoors, I wear. I try to adapt to what the coach asks of me. Obviously, as a forward I like to score goals, whenever I can I go to the area.
How have you lived the last hours after the game?
I have had messages by whatsapp and instagram. I have tried to answer all of them. But what I’ve done the most is rest, in two days we play again and the important thing is to go to the final. Scoring two goals in the quarterfinals and for the national team to qualify is nice, but it’s past. The important thing is to beat Portugal. But it is true that they have been very beautiful hours.
Golden Boot and title?
I sign the title. What comes next is welcome.
Do you know that this tournament can change your lives?
Almost all teams see it and look at the players, but where we are going to be next year is not important at all. We are here to achieve the goal. In addition, I have a one-year contract with Espanyol. It is my house and I am very happy, I have always said it.
P. Is it key in Espanyol?
If it is necessary to take responsibilities, I take them, I have no problems.
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