Raúl García: “At Atlético I was very happy, but I would like to win to hesitate a bit and not put up with them”

Raúl García will hunt down Sanchís (532 games in LaLiga) in this Saturday’s visit to Wanda. The Navarrese is clear that he faces a key team in his career. “Osasuna and Atlético are two teams in which I have been very happy and have given me a lot of love. I like to come back to win and to be able to hesitate a little. It is clear that going to Wanda to play against Atlético is special. I love winning and doing it against those I know is better because if you don’t have to put up with them …. “, he said.

More than 10 years without winning Atlético there

“Until last weekend we also had many games without winning two in a row. They are statistics. We have to prepare and do the work we need to win.Each game is a possibility to look higher. This is pick and shovel and long-term goals are achieved from the short term. “

The relationship with the team’s goal

“At the beginning of my career I didn’t have a goal either. It’s a matter of work and of the group. We create chances and the important thing is that everyone contributes. I don’t try to give advice, but from my experience I want to convey that things with work come out“.

This is pick and shovel and long-term goals are achieved from the short term

The moment of the youngest

“The kids are going to leave because they have conditions to contribute. In this club they are a fundamental piece and they are going to come out. Excess responsibility and having to leave is no longer good for them. You have to transmit patience to them because they are players who are going to give the level, but playing in the elite takes time. I ask that there be tranquility and that the rod be for the most expert “.

Sancet started LaLiga as a starter ahead of him

“No one here has a starting position. We are a team. I am happy if someone plays in my position and does it well. It is not something that worries me and it does occupy me. The important thing is that the team take the games forward and do it well. the more demanding there is by all the players, the better for the group. I am happy when the team wins and if I don’t play I work to be able to play“.

I ask that there be tranquility with the young people and that the cane be for the most expert “.

Increase the capacity of San Mamés up to 60%

“These matches with public are being energy because it is a part of us. It is not just saying it, it is that we notice and feel them. We ask that they come because it is necessary, although I understand that the schedules are not good for them and they do not think about the fans. “

The reluctance of the public to return to the stadiums

“We have gone through a very hard stage and it is logical that people have respect for situations. The schedules do not help either, for example on Tuesday at 10 p.m. If we talk about what is the best and what is the show, it is not the best time . I understand that people have respect and I do not think it is that they have lost desire because people on the street show me otherwise. “

The schedules of many games are not good for them and the fans are not thought about

Their numbers in LaLiga

“It is more important than some give it, but it is a complicated piece of information. Behind that there is a lot of regularity and work on a day-to-day basis. One of my goals is to always be available to the coach. Growing up in statistics makes me proud. “

Contract until 2021 with extension option

The extension is to do things well. The subject of my future is not something that worries me. I am happy and strong, which is what makes me come here as if I were 20 years old. “

How your game changes with age

“You have to adapt, that’s what it’s all about. Decisions come a little more from recognizing your body and the physical moment, but I have my identity signs and that is very difficult to change. “

The value of Atlético

“Very competitive squad. For me the most complete there is in LaLiga and for that reason the objectives that are marked for him are marked “

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