Raúl works, keeps quiet, prepares Castilla from 21-22 and proves to be more professional than anyone

Raúl González has always been an example As an athlete, first as a player and now as a coach. He understands football like few others and, especially, the love for colors, in particular the white of the Real Madrid shirt, they place you in a privileged positionor in a world so competitive, but far from values ​​on many occasions.

Oblivious to all the storm unleashed in the search for the new coach of the Madrid first team, the one who was seven targets and has followed his own, that is, working, reconciling and carrying out his daily work, which at the moment is that of shaping Castilla with Manu Fernández and José Ángel Sánchez. Not when he has monopolized covers as a possible substitute, has his speech and his way of proceeding changed the least bit.

Farewell to Castilla to remember: Raúl’s voice breaks

“I am an employee of the club.This is my home and this is where I want to be, where I feel identified. I became a coach to be at home. But this is not the time to talk about anyone’s future, but rather to be proud to be here, to have competed in a very important year, “he said at the time and has remained in that line.

He said it as soon as he was eliminated by Ibiza in the promotion playoffs. Your place is Real Madrid and it will continue to be so regardless of the decision that is made. Raúl entered the Real Madrid pool, perhaps more than that of the leaders. Castile. Everything indicates that the opportunity will come sooner or later, but while it arrives, he is clear that he must continue with his training as a coach and if it can be, at Real Madrid

Of course, the football summer has only just begun and Second teams are still in full competition. Real Madrid is right to have him for next season, but they know that it is a difficult treasure to retain. Eintracht Frankfurt was the team that transmitted the most interest. More teams will arrive.

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