Rayo-Boca closed agreement by Advíncula: the player has the floor

Vallecano Ray Y Boca Juniors, as you may have learned BRAND, have already reached an agreement for the transfer of Luis Advíncula for just over two million euros. Now it is the Peruvian who has the floor, who has a preliminary agreement with the Argentine team but who does not finish closing the final contract due to very important details.

Luis Advíncula is willing to go to Boca Juniors as long as a series of requirements are fulfilled that, at this moment, are not fulfilled. The negotiation in that aspect is stagnant and depends on how far it wants to go or not. Mouth. The tax system, the currency exchange and the duration of the contract, the keys to understanding the situation.

The Peruvian does not want to rush knowing that he has a contract in a First Division team and, to leave European football and the country where his family is installed, the conditions that he expected have to be met and that are not being met now. Be careful, because although the agreement between clubs is complete, the operation is not close to being done.

As we have previously reported, if you stay in the Vallecano Ray, Luis Advíncula would start as a third winger behind Mario Hernandez and Ivan Balliu and he would have to earn a place on the green. The Peruvian, if he stayed, would play his second season in LaLiga Santander after 2018-19 that ended with a franjirrojo descent.

The Vallecano Ray I pay for Luis Advíncula 3 million euros two years ago and, if his exit ends up closing, he would recover part of the investment, considering the player fully amortized.

July 18, 2021 admin

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