Rayo pressures LaLiga and the Community of Madrid not to play in Vallecas against Granada

ANDhe Rayo Vallecano – Granada, still does not have a guaranteed stadium. The franjirrojo club is pressing for it not to be played in Vallecas, but LaLiga considers that it can be done even if one of the stands remains without the possibility of welcoming the public. The works that are being carried out They do not arrive on time and at the same time the Community of Madrid is meeting, LaLiga and the club to find an alternative: Getafe and Alcorcón seem the most possible, although Butarque is also on the table.

In addition to the works, The grass It has also been a cause for concern, because although it is already on, it has arrived a little late for what it should be if you want the mat to be in perfect condition. Rayo already requested to play the first two days away from home, but still the works have not arrived on time and it is, in his opinion, practically impossible. They are still trying to find a final solution that accommodates everyone.

The position of the Community of Madrid: you can play

The Community of Madrid denies, as reported by Radio MARCA, that the works prevent the Ray-Granada from being disputed in Vallecas.

“The reform works that the Community of Madrid has been carrying out since last December in the Vallecas stadium do not prevent, in any case, the celebration of official football matches and public access during the first home game of the League 2021 championship / 22, scheduled for next day 29. Two of the three stands of the stadium are currently in conditions of safety, accessibility and health to be able to welcome the attending public for that date.

The meeting held today between representatives of the Community of Madrid, the club and the League has not had as its objective the possibility of changing the venue of the committed matches in the stadium.

Any possible change of venue for the matches at the start of the championship would therefore be a unilateral decision, alien to the Community of Madrid and not attributable to the work carried out by the regional government in the venue with a budget amounting to 1.7 million euros. “, they explain.

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