Raze yourself: “I don’t know what people thought, but we have shown what we are”


Osasuna’s coach analyzed his team’s defeat

Joseba Arrasate analyzed the defeat of his team in the Metropolitan.

Match rating. “It was a shame, we have seen it close, we were winning with 10 minutes to go but the tying goal changed everything. There were two misalignments caused and it is not easy to defend them. We have competed to the end, we are proud. What is Osasuna of a lifetime, never giving up, staged in a field where I don’t know what people thought, but we have shown what we are “.

Siege of Atlético: “In the first half hour they were able to get ahead, they had chances and with the ball we weren’t good. The idea was to defend better because they do a lot of damage with Trippier, Correa and Llorente. After the 30th minute we were better, but the penalty was the goal of the tie “.

Best version of Osasuna: “We had to change something to be more competitive taking into account their arreón. They made us many occasions. When you go ahead and they overturn, the tying goal changed everything. If you play the League and draw, it is difficult to stop them” .

Osasuna competes against the greats: “I think we have to be proud of having stood up until the last second of the game. We don’t give up and this team doesn’t get carried away. The team has internalized values ​​that take them to their maximum expression.

Reproaches?: “One team was playing LaLiga and the other seemed that nothing was being played, but it’s not like that, we play a lot every time we wear this shirt. I meant that a pool had made them, the normal thing was a 1”.

Herrera and Budimir: “When you have a good goalkeeper and a good striker, things are easier, but everyone played a great game, this team is very much alive and has shown it to the end.”

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