Reasoned decision announced for Tofaş-Beşiktaş Icrypex match

Turkey Basketball Federation, Tofas-Besiktas Icrypex the objections made by the relevant black-and-white club announced the match reasoned decision on rejection.

In the 24th week of the Basketball Super League, TOFAŞ Basketball Team and Beşiktaş Icrypex faced off in Bursa, attacking with 3.5 seconds before the end of the match, the visiting team brought the score to 88-89 with Ercan Osmani’s outside shot. However, after the end of the time, the referees followed the last position again and determined that Osmani had stepped on the sideline, canceled the basket and gave Tofaş the right to attack. Tofaş, who won the foul right with 1 second to the end, took advantage of Semaj Christon’s shot and won the fight 89-86.


In the statement made by the Basketball Federation, which rejected Beşiktaş’s objection about the match, the following statements were made:

“The objection made by Beşiktaş Icrypex to the Tofaş-Beşiktaş Icrypex competition played on 13 March 2021 was discussed at the Board of Directors meeting held yesterday and the objection was rejected for the following reasons.

FIBA basketball (game) rules and related organizations with Turkey Basketball Federation BSL Management Principles issued by the relevant provision of the legislation on the subject of the appeal of the instruction is as follows:

Article 32 Instant Replay System (IRS)

34.2. It is possible to use the Game Hour, 00:00 IRS in the following situations.

34.2.1. At the end of a quarter or overtime, when no time is left on the game clock (00:00), the referees are only authorized to determine the following situations.

34.2.2. Whether the time on the game clock expires before the ball is in the hands of the shooter.

34.2.3. If the shot was taken on time, whether the successful shot was two or three points.

34.2.4. Whether the shooter committed an off-field offense, if it was shot on time.

34.2.5. Whether the shooter had a shot clock before it was released.

34.2.6. Whether the shooter had an eight-second backcourt violation before the ball was released

34.2.7. Whether a foul committed by a player on the field or by a player on the field was played before the red LED lights up.

34.2.8. Referees can use the IRS to determine how much time (and how much) should be added to the game clock in the situations mentioned above.

When the appeal petition, referee report and match footage are examined;

a. With 03.3 seconds before the end of the match, Ercan Osmani, numbered 6 from Beşiktaş Icrypex, took the ball and attempted a 3-point shot, the shot was successful and the sound signal rang out,

b. When the shot is completed, the game clock shows 00:00 and the referees who have doubts about the shot position decide to watch the position (shot position) from the Instant Monitoring System (Article 34.2.1),

c. As stated in the report of the Chief Referee of the competition, in the monitoring of the match referees through the Instant Replay System, the player with number 6, who shot the shot from Beşiktaş Icrypex team, checked whether Ercan Osmani committed an “off-field violation” (Article 34.2.4) and as a result, they determined that the player made an “off-field violation” by stepping on the sideline;

D. The number scored was deemed invalid due to the detected “off-field violation” and the game clock was adjusted to the time when Ercan Osmani stepped on the sideline, that is, 02.2 seconds (Article 34.2.8) and given to the Tofaş team for a throw-in;

to. It is understood that the objection and the dispute are gathered at the point whether the match referees can decide whether the shooting player has committed an off-field violation or not by following the Instant Replay System (IRS);

In the final evaluation made within the framework of the legislation provisions and the opinion of the Central Arbitration Board;

(1) When the game clock shows 00:00 when the shot is completed and there is hesitation as to whether the shooter has committed an “off-field violation”, in monitoring the Instant Replay System, upon the detection of a violation as a result of the monitoring, the game clock is deemed invalid and the game clock, The time remaining at the time of the violation (when Ercan Osmani stepped on the line) was adjusted to 02.2 seconds and there was no inaccuracy in giving the ball to the Tofaş team for a throw-in;

(2) 34.2 of the BSL Management Principles Instruction of the practice of the match referees. It was decided to dismiss the objection made after it was understood that it was in accordance with the procedure and principles in the article. “

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