Regarding the ‘elevator coaches’: “Moreno or Cervera would do well in Madrid, Zidane in Espanyol or Cádiz …”


Is there the ‘elevator coach’ as ​​could be Vicente Moreno? Ten experienced voices they analyze it in BRAND

ANDs the lord of promotions. With the one achieved last Saturday, Vicente Moreno accumulates six in his career. The last four as a coach. The first came in 2014-15 with Nàstic from 2nd B, the second in 2017-18 with Mallorca from the same category. A year later he would raise it to First and now, with the parrots, Brown he has finished the fourth which makes him a true specialist.

Vicente Moreno: “I don’t think there are ‘promotion coaches”

“I don’t think the figure of the elevator coach exists, I don’t consider myself one of them. Due to the circumstances, you have to live in one setting or another. It is clear that in order to go up you must have a category above and a good team with him. than to be able to do it. But the secret is none other than to work hard and have a little luck “, answered this Thursday to MARCA.

Javier CebolladaEFE

But to be successful, you have to fail on a greater number of occasions. “The objective is not always achieved. To get four promotions I have also had to play other playoffs where I have not achieved them. We were left with the good, but there was also frustration at not having achieved the challenges. It happened like this and that’s it, I don’t think about it anymore“, affects the 46-year-old Valencian, who now wants to secure the first place in LaLiga Smartbank. Asked if he sees himself repeating feat, Moreno admits that he prefers to settle in First.

An example on the bench

One less promotion than he has gotten Luis Cesar Sampedro (Albacete, Ferrol and Nàstic). “Promotion depends on many things, not only on work. You have to be committed during the twelve months. It depends on the Board of Directors that your club has, on the players … but above all on knowing how to navigate through bad spells. Every time it is more difficult for them to put up with you because at the slightest setback, they throw you away. Vicente put up with him and I am very happy for him because the story has ended in success, “says the former Lugo, for whom the best coach” is not the one who rises or has the highest quality, but the one who best knows how to resist in storms. Nobody, not even this year the big three of First, wins every week. In those difficult moments you have to know how to convey confidence to the players and remind them that this pothole is going to pass. They have to be aware that sometimes by playing well you lose and vice versa. You can shoot 25 times on goal and lose and instead have only one chance and win. They are the things of soccer “, explains someone whose image has changed.

“Before he was a coach of those who rose and now more savior. This is changing. Every year there is a fashionable one, which is the one that is at the top. It is valid for the next year, but then you have to always be up there to continue in the gap You have to be aware that they can talk a lot about you and then disappear a bit. I remember now Pacheta, who was without a team two years ago in the Second Division and now he is in the First Division doing very well. Vicente left Nàstic and went to 2ªB and now he has just gone up to First. Football is like that“, adds the Galician.

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They also went up

In order to Antonio Tapia, who took the elevator twice with Malaga and Poli EjidoThe trick to being able to do it is “to have balance between attack and defense. You will never see someone who has done it without those good numbers. It takes a lot of work, balance and common sense. And not deviate from your line in the final stretch. You cannot change at the last minute what has worked for you during the rest of the course. You must apply the same game model, mental strategies and be consistent with what you have done previously because the roller coaster of emotions always comes. Situations of all kinds will arise and you must be faithful. In any case, in long tournaments there is more time to be able to solve factors that you do not control, such as referee decisions, specific errors, etc. Whoever wins a league or is promoted is because they have been the best, you have more opportunities to fail “.

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Also without great equipment

Having the best or one of the best teams in the category, as in the case of Espanyol, helps but is not definitive. “I experienced two very different promotions. The first one I got with a Murcia that had a large budget and had set up a squad to go up yes or yes. But then I celebrated another with Recreativo that had the fourth lowest budget in the group. which had a lot of merit. With Murcia we went up in the absence of five days in a more or less simple way, with Recre we achieved a team of hungry young people and veterans who still had performance to optimize the options“, account Lucas Alcaraz placeholder image, who does consider that there may be elevator coaches. “It depends on when I catch you. I think I was. Everything is going by streaks,” says a trainer who, curiously, had a Moreno and Pendín of players in that Xerez to which he almost ascends (They were fifth being winter champions but at that time there was no playoff).

Sometimes, with big teams like Murcia, the pressure doesn’t help. “The Second is very complicated. 80% of the teams that go down do not go up the following year. You need a lot of power and endure with a great team. What Vicente has done has merit. Also, with big teams there is extra pressure. I arrived at a recently promoted Zaragoza and I had a very difficult time. I was able to go to First with Las Palmas and Celta, where we had very well worked groups. Working to the fullest is presupposed by almost everyone, so I think what is needed is patience to be allowed to work. This Espanyol spent a delicate moment and they let him continue with his ideas. We all know how the subject ended, “he explains. Paco Herrera.

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Al Mallorca, who could also return to First these weeks, and Betis returned them to the elite in their day Lorenzo Serra Ferrer: “The secret is not to come up when things go well and vice versa. You have to run away from the euphoria or the collapse of two defeats in a row. You need to know yours well to get the most out of them. You must create a climate so that work is comfortable and everyone feels important. And then it depends on the tournament, in a long one like Second, knowing how to maintain tension is an art for so many days“.

Beware of immediacy

That patience that everyone asks for seems more expensive than ever in the age of immediacy. “Being a coach is not an easy task. They are quickly in the spotlight when the performance of the team is affected, whether it depends on it or not. Carrying out a solid work project requires three fundamental factors: knowing how to wait, deposit trust in the person who leads it and persevere in the face of difficulties in order to grow as a team. We are in a society that seeks immediacy, the result of which is that instant results are wanted and that on many occasions hasty decisions are made “, explains the sports psychologist Lorena Cos, who remembers that the coach on many occasions also works in some way as a psychologist of squads in which the moods score more goals than it seems.

This is how you see it Michel I, who knows what it is to rise as a player and as a coach. From the bench he did it with Huesca and Rayo. “Having Second 42 days everything happens through regularity and not having lasting potholes. You cannot get nervous in those phases. In addition to a united dressing room, the team must know how to get out of the potholes as soon as possible,” says the Madrid, who does believes that there are coaches saviors but not elevators. “I don’t think these are specialists. In the end you usually have the whole season to prepare it and it is easier than being an express coach like Calleja, for example. He has managed to get an Alavés out of the burn that seemed sentenced and he did it in record time. If I see a greater specialization in trainers for example of short tournaments, I buy that more. There are some who are great motivators for the playoffs, playoffs Copa del Rey or other types of competitions that require being highly motivated at specific times, “he explains.

Reward consistency

For the former Rayo, the fact that the first two classifieds go up to the first one seems like a success. “It is a way of rewarding consistency. I think it may be fair. It happened to me as a player that, having great teams at Rayo and having had almost perfect seasons, in the end we did not go up because you fell due to a bad day in the playoff.. That kind of playoff depends on many factors and we have already seen how sometimes the one who comes from sixth ends up going up. “

Manix Mandiola, who has been promoted with all Eibar teams, also sees just the new current system of rewarding the best classified in the event of a tie in the playoffs. I have played seven and I have only raised once, with this system I would have ascended another four times. In the end, either by golaverage, by penalties … I always had to dance with the ugliest “, adds the Basque, who remembers that” Moreno does the most difficult thing is to climb in different categories. ”

Something that has also achieved David Vidal, who recognizes that football is very difficult and that, at his peak as a coach, he only hit two results in the pool. “I’m better at saving them, but I’ve also got two (Lorca and Murcia). I think that, just as there are specialists in saves, also in promotions. They are different styles. You need to play more on the attack, know how to better position your footballers. It is more difficult to build than to destroy. For me, the coach doesn’t have to know about football. Have to understand“, Explain.

Vicente Moreno or Cervera could do very well in Madrid but instead Zidane I think he would suffer more than he in Cádiz or Espanyol

David Vidal to BRAND

“Like Cervera. Of course, the coaches who climb or win titles are not better than the rest. Vicente or Cervera could do very well at Madrid but Zidane, on the other hand, I think he would suffer more than he at Cádiz or Espanyol“, says the Galician who, like his partners, thinks that everything happens” to enjoy long projects where they allow to get the best out of each coach. ” Precisely what is no longer styled.

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