Register as you can: the harsh summer that awaits Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Betis, Seville and Levante

PSometimes it is remembered to Javier Tebas so forceful when talking about the financial problems of a club. And less than one of the likes of Barça: “La Cup Barça would take it, that’s the way it is. Of the seven hundred-odd million losses, Barcelona has half. Almost all because of Covid, but maybe there are other big clubs that have done a better job of containing the pandemic. Real Madrid have made a great effort so that their losses are very far from those of Barcelona. ” BOOM. The bombshell was released in full review of the financial news of LaLiga, but was dissolved among other headlines about Messi, Haaland

However the The risk is real: it is not unreasonable that they cannot register any of the players who are signing, or considering signed. The financial reality of the club chaired by Joan Laporta it has not been smoothed out. They are bad, advancing losses above 360 ​​million and making bobbin lace to renew Messi, without being clear about how they will be able to sell (or undersell) to all the surpluses in a market in which the balls are going to be scarce.

This directive is having to deal, in a hurry, with the financial disaster that they have encountered from the time of Bartomeu. Of the flight forward in contractual terms of some leaders who left leaving a giant problem to his successors. “The management of Barcelona is on the right track. The current managers, due to their experience in other clubs, know that the rule does not change and they are making great efforts to lower their salary bill. We are not going to make a rule to Messi, another for Haaland… “, the president of LaLiga also said. That is to say: difficult, but not impossible. A long month or so ahead in which difficult decisions will not be lacking.

For the journalist specialized in economic control, Roberto Bayon, the prospects are not optimistic: “Everything that was exceeded last season will be subtracted from this salary cap. And also the result of this season, in which losses are advancing. a situation with a very low salary limit. Barcelona would have to get rid of many millions. Not in one, but in several large operations. And surely they will continue with the salary ceiling exceeded by a lot, “he explains.

Either they get rid of a fat one, or to register players they will suffer a lot

Roberto Bayón, journalist specialized in Economic Control

“For example Pjanic: for the operation to be positive, they sold at Arthur for 72 million, at the cost of buying Pjanic for 60, in what looked like bead makeup. But of course, now if you want to remove Pjanic Without being penalized, you have to sell it for over 40 million, a market value that it no longer has. He is going to be forced to give it up, for example, to have some benefit in the salary cap. If they give it up for 5 or 10 they save, at least, their salary. But either they get rid of a fat one, or to register players they are going to suffer a lot “, ditch Roberto Bayon.

Article 100

Is he mantra. The maximum to which all teams have to adjust with the salary cap exceeded (almost all, actually, to a greater or lesser extent): they can only spend 25% of what they save. There is a caveat: it can be up to 50% if the player from whom they are released gives off a very large salary.

This 25% rule also applies to barters. It is useless to change one chrome for another. If you take off Umtiti because you change it for another, that other can only charge 25% of what Samuel charged.

Another thing is that Barcelona accept that they will not be able to cut all the excess salary cap this summer, assume the sanction imposed by LaLiga, and continue working with this article 100 in 2022-23. That, or sell well to Coutinho, Dembele and some more. Or, in the worst case, activate the plan “Messi save Barça by not renewing “.

Those who have it worst

At a great distance from Barcelona are four other clubs that have suffered, more than the others, the consequences of not being able to have their stadium. Are the Valencia, above all, and also the Seville, Betis Y I raised. The Athletic is saved by the hair of being in this group thanks to the savings achieved during the past season and the capital increase.

Real Madrid, which has suffered as much as Barcelona from the rigors of not being able to enter anything through the stadium since March 2020, is nevertheless making superior progress to Barça: not renewing expensive contracts like that of Sergio Ramos, have savings and not make the squad more expensive with new signings, staying on the team with those who have a contract in force. And without disgust possible sales, such as Varane’s possible goodbye to Manchester United.

Not as ugly as they paint it

Let’s see, to shoot rockets there is none (with forgiveness, if anything, of the Villarreal). It is true that Valencia, Sevilla, Betis and Levante are the ones who will have to roll up their sleeves the most in summer to pass the recovery exams, but it is no less true than all of them, if instead of signing Soldier (for example), they would have dropped, sold or undersold a couple of expensive players, they would no longer be in this caboose. Valencia continues to pay for his absence from Europe and the problems to get new income. They are exceeded and it is easier to square numbers if, in addition to saving and selling players, you manage to enter through new sponsorships. And it is not being easy.

By removing Koundé, or one of even less market value, Sevilla would solve their problems in one go

Betis and Sevilla Bush not have your stadium for so long. Much more than others with better financial health because they depend only on television rights such as Celta, Getafe, Cádiz, Granada … The money from TV continues to arrive and what for some is 95% of their income, for others it is 70 or 75% and of course, they suffer it more. However, the two Sevillian teams are a couple of market movements away from leaving the well.

“Sevilla do not have it easy but by taking away a footballer, for example, as Kooundé, or even with less market value, solves it much more than enough “, he explains Bayon.

Levante have paid a great price to renovate a stadium that they have not yet been able to start making profitable. There is no piggy bank that can hold it, but the same thing happens to them as Seville and Betis: with a few good movements (which they are already carrying out as with the goodbye of Rochina, Doukouré Y Tone) pull it off.

The Athletic It is a special case: it also depends a lot on their stadium, but they have savings and, above all, they have controlled the spending of their staff, without crazy things. They are not for bragging, but for a large club with a stadium of the category of San Mamés, they have weathered the storm with more joys than normal.

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