Robert Moreno: “I want to take Diego’s witness and give it continuity”

With honors, Robert Moreno has been presented on the Los Cármenes lawn What Granada’s new coach: “Is a joy to get to LaLiga and do it to a club that has been doing it in an excellent way. I hope I can meet expectations of the club “.

Brown will have to face the legacy left by Diego Martínez, something that did not intimidate him: “Not at all, it is a motivation. Success always has a leader, but the team follows practically everything. He has left the first step, but we want to continue improving, this does not end here, that is why I come to this project, it has a lot of room for growth, the challenges are for me. With the squad that we have and the desire to grow, we are going to do very well. “

Despite the successes, permanence is still the end goal, even if Brown does not want to settle: “The objective is win as many matches as possible. Scoring targets can be dangerous, but I’m ambitious, My expectations are high but the season will tell. We have to make the project robust, I want to take the baton that it has left Diego Martínez and give it continuity “.

The former coach wasted no time opt for the Granada proposal: “They explained to me what the project was and I find it very attractive, I was looking for a serious project that would allow me to grow. A process begins in which normality will be see Granada in Primera and also in Europe “.

“I will not come to change things that have been done well”

Ward of Luis Enrique during years, Brown has outlined what his master lines will be: “I have been since the 14 years training, I have stepped on the ground and I have had different teams. A coach should not impose an idea of ​​the game without thinking about his players, I will not come to change things that have been done well, although there are things to improve. My model is to win and to win there are many paths, I have a lot of adaptability “, he explained Brown.

Robert Moreno (43) on the bench.
Robert Moreno (43) on the bench.

After landing, the task of making the squad under the rumors of possible exits: “We want players who want to be there, but I’m going to convince good players that it will be a winning project and to grow. If a player does not want to be, he better not be, we need people to defend the Granada shirt to death. The team is competitive, but we are open to changes for the better. “

“I’m not going to let anyone relax”

Moreno did not lose sight of Granada during the past course and has highlighted its virtues: “A team in capital letters, versatile, that has been able to play in different ways and has overcome many injuries. We are going to work on that style and that versatility. It is a pleasure to reach a human group that has that desire to defend the Granada shirt “, has confessed Brown.

Like Boada, Robert Moreno also wanted to highlight the importance of quarry: “The quarry always it is important, it has to be close to the first team, knowing that playing there is something to be won, taking that step is a gift and a prize. “

Robert Moreno already has the reins of Granada in his hands And now the work begins to build the best possible template: “It’s going to be a slow market, We have time, I wish I had the team done on July 5, but it’s going to be complicated. Everyone’s work will give us the possibility of have great players to improve the squad and have a competitive team. ”

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