Robert Moreno: “We want to be competitive against all rivals”

LThe moment of truth arrives, the competition starts and Robert Moreno is going to live its debut in The league, something that does not alter him: “I have no special feeling, that will change on Monday. There are so many years preparing games that the way of working does not change. I am very excited and with a lot of responsibility.”

After weeks of preparation, it’s time to jump onto the pitch in search of the first points: “A team is something very complex, it has many components, and being at the optimum moment is something unreal, that will mark the result, but with what I see I’m happy. We will win or lose, but we will compete. “

“My goal is for all footballers to feel that they can play”

Robert Moreno He already has in mind the eleven that he will form before him Villarreal: “It will be difficult for me to have a permanent starting eleven, I want there to be competition in all positions. There are players who are more or less suitable for certain situations or rivals. My goal is for all footballers to feel that they can play, that elevates the level of the team in the long term “, explained the rojiblanco coach.

The first test will not be easy, in front of the Villarreal, which comes from fighting for the first title of the season, something that stops Robert Moreno it will not affect their performance: “It gives them time to recover, they will be at 100%. It is a very hard-working team, which has very defined what it does in attack and defense, they have signed well and it is going to be an interesting game. We want to be competitive against all the rivals, who feel uncomfortable when they play against us, so we hope to start with victory. “

To be able to subdue those of Emery, Granada will have to show its best version: “You have to do a lot of things well. We have to be brave, but not reckless, you have to try to get the ball and hurt your opponent, and in defense you have to be aggressive, but not crazy. To do many occasions and that they do you few, that is a maxim “.

“Whenever we can improve we will do it”

While starting The league, the market is still open: “As a club that wants to settle in First our obligation is to be prepared to make the necessary changes. I do not want a large squad, if we have to incorporate players someone will have to leave, that is the reality. I’m telling the players things clearly, but as long as we can improve we are going to do so, we are aware of the market. “

As seen in the match between Valencia Y Getafe, the coaches will be closely watched by the referees, a circumstance that does not concern Robert Moreno: “Protest is not part of football, my goal will be not to protest, it is something that should not be allowed. I will try not to talk about the referees.”

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