Ronaldo: “My common sense told me that I had to keep Sergio”


The president of Valladolid analyzed in an appearance the relegation of the club to Second

ROnaldo Nazario has appeared before the media to give explanations and his vision of the decline of Real Valladolid that he presides, consummated on the last day after the defeat at home against Atlético de Madrid (1-2).

The trajectory of the team, the future of the entity in the Second Division and his personal commitment to Sergio González, already dismissed, are some of the issues that the Brazilian has spoken about.

Why didn’t you relieve Sergio?

“I do not regret anything at all. Beyond what the data showed, my common sense told me that I should keep Sergio until the end of LaLiga. It has not been possible to stay, we have all failed. It is time to work twice to return as soon as possible” .

Next coach

“We have received important names of coaches. During the season I was convinced that it was not the time for change and we rejected everyone. We will announce the changes little by little.”


“The balance of the season is very bad for all the investment we have made and the budget we have had. We have decreased, it is a very hard stick. It is also true that we have not had luck.”

Disgust of the fans

“The fans should not be angry with my private life and with the situation of the team, as I think they are. I have not been to many games, but I have never stopped working.”

Your future at the club

“I don’t want to put deadlines on my cycle at the club. I want to build a legacy and as long as I don’t achieve this I’ll be here. We hope to be among the top two or three budgets in the category.

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