Russell Wilson, Ben Roethlisberger among NFL quarterbacks seeking happy marriage in 2021

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Josh Allen and Brian Daball had a thriving marriage to the Buffalo Bills in 2020. From Ben Roethlisberger and Matt Canada to Daniel Jones and Jason Garrett, what duos of attacking and defensive coordinators are hoping for the same this season?

Brian Deball will fill the head coach vacancy in the NFL. Maybe next year, maybe in a year, maybe anywhere in the next five years. When the time comes, it may / should / will be a reward for his role in developing and unleashing Josh Allen’s talent.

Early NFL Josh Allen, unkempt Josh Allen, promised more with his midfield-like bangs and fuss than he did with a touchless sling shot that lacked precision and was hampered by slow thought-processing after flicking and receivers looking down from time to time … Dabol saw a rough diamond with a canon, modern pocket mobility and technical hurdles that could be corrected.

It included three and four broad sets of receivers, fake inner zone concepts, line-ups, maneuvering movement before clicking to force defenses to check, unmasking the cover of the man Buffalo thrived against, forced communication between opponents, and disguise as blockers. Allen gained credibility while he and his successors were given the freedom to pursue their own game projects.

The look here, run there attack totaled 13 different players touching down as Allen underwent one of the most radical transformations in the league in an entire year. It was a marriage that others envied.

While the immediacy of Lamar Jackson’s eruption means he never needed a jump as important as Allen’s, the Baltimore Ravens quarterback enjoyed Greg Roman’s leadership. And there is no need to be reminded of the influence that Eric Bienimi had in shaping the showcase attack by Kansas City leaders alongside Patrick Mahomes.

From the excellence of Josh McDaniels and Tom Brady to Nathaniel Hackett’s ability to get the best out of Blake Bortles in 2016, the quarterback’s relationship with the offensive coordinator remains important. And there are a few in the league that could benefit from a Daboll / Allen type of connection …

Speaking of Daboll’s trickery, Steelers fans are about to see or not see their own copious tricks led by newly appointed Attack Coordinator Matt Canada, who succeeds Randy Fitchner, who served as quarterback coach last season.

This is a marriage that has to be smoothed out and compromised, but it offers great benefits to both sides. Ben Roethlisberger prefers a shotgun, a clear picture in front of him, limited difficulty before flicking, and a full responsibility to make sure everything happens with the ball in hand, in a pattern he has successfully implemented over the years. In Canada, the opposite is true: his system thrives on a ton of pre-scrum movement, unbalanced formations, unique receiver appearance, spread attacks, all of which are sometimes just used to zoom in five to ten yards. The Steelers were some of the least frequent pre-snap users in 2020 – that’s about to change.

Canada is the modern injection the Steelers need as the franchise looks at life outside of Big Ben, whose stutter at the end of last season called for changes to keep pace with the NFL’s offensive offensive, allowing Pittsburgh to see how far it can push them. …

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