San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan ‘very glad’ Julio Jones ended up in AFC


San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan joked that he was “very happy” that Julio Jones ended up in the AFC after his trade with the Tennessee Titans: “It would be damn good. But my second favorite choice is this. in AFK “.

If San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan wasn’t going to work with Julio Jones, he didn’t want to be around him.

At one point, the 49s tried to chase the hopeless veteran alongside rival Seattle Seahawks, but as soon as the opportunity passed, Shanahan felt relieved.

“I am very glad that he is in AFC,” Shanahan joked, speaking to reporters on Sunday. “Good day.”

“It would be damn good. But my second favorite choice is his AFC membership. Number one, his absence from our division is a huge problem. AFC is my second favorite. Julio is a man, everyone knows how good he is. Tennessee has a damn good player. “

Jones’ arrival in Nashville, meanwhile, fulfilled the wishes of Titans receiver A.J. Brown, who reached out to his now teammate with a video of him moving to Tennessee.

The former Falcon is a more than worthy replacement for the likes of Corey Davis (New York Jets) and Tythend Jonna Smith (New England Patriots).

“This morning I looked at my phone, my daughter was lying next to me, and I kind of jumped out of bed and asked, ‘Is it true? “I kind of woke my daughter up,” Brown told reporters on the Titans’ official website. “I had to calm down a little. When I received the news, it was crazy. My phone started to explode. I think this is really important for Tennessee, not just for me, but it is very important for the city. , our team. We are glad to see him. “

Jones will now be at the disposal of quarterback Ryan Tannehill across from Brown, with their combined coverage requiring two-time rapid attack champion Derrick Henry to clear the field.

The Titans will also receive production from former Los Angeles Rams receiver Josh Reynolds and have high hopes for Racy McMath in the sixth round.

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