Sancet celebrates 21 with his first big night as a ‘lion’

The Navarrese responded to Marcelino’s confidence and confirmed the improvement that was sensed in the last days

ORihan Sancet already knows what it is to live a great night as a player of the Athletic first team. The Navarrese chose the day of his 21st birthday to sign his best performance to date, by context and by the rival in front of him. During the first half he became an undetectable element for Atlético from Madrid, always appearing in the spaces that were free to offer a pass option that would allow his team to flow.

That mobility is nothing new. In the three games as a starter (Granada, Alavés and Betis) that he played before receiving the colchoneros demonstrated great intelligence to detect where to appear and at what time to generate an advantage. Then the technical action (pass / control) could go better or worse, but the movements and the ‘timing’ of these were really good. The main difference between those days and yesterday was the speculative level of precision he had in his interventions. At 33 ‘minutes he had only missed two passes (13/15 completed), playing many times at the first touch and at a very high pace.

Despite playing like second tip, There were many sections of the game in which he was seen very close to the defense. Appearing, not being, gave way to his companions after robbery to initiate the transitions that generated so much danger. For this, the good defense of Athletic was also key, preventing Simeone’s men from finishing their attacks and thus being able to run. It seemed that Sancet improved each play in which he participated.

After the break, less came into play, because Atlético pressed more in search of a draw. Even so, maintained precision in every touch. In the 75 minutes he played he touched the ball 37 times, hit 85% of his passes (23/27), completed the only dribble he tried and solo lost the ball five times. In addition, he competed really well in duels, both aerial (2/5) and on the ground (2/4).

A performance with which Sancet returned to Marcelino the trust that he placed in him by putting him as a starter against the leader of the competition. At 21 he has accumulated 35 games in LaLiga, starting 14 of them. Figures with which it is difficult to assess whether or not it is valid to play for Athletic and that show that it still needs more time to demonstrate its capabilities. You have clearly seen improvement in recent months, but you need to maintain a regularity during the season. For this you need the minutes that can be won at this end of the season with great games like yesterday.

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