Santi Mina: “You have to criticize yourself and look forward with ambition”

Neither did Celta against Cádiz. The team of Coudet he sought victory until the end, but not from the beginning. Despite the insistence in the last minutes, the Vigo added the fourth defeat in five days; they do not know what it is to win in this championship.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Santi Mina analyzed the situation: “I think you have to be self-critical; in the second part nothing to reproach, in the first neither in terms of attitude, because that the team always has it, but yes that it is necessary to review the game that we have done. I think it is inappropriate for this team, so the data says, we have a point only in five games. You have to be self-critical and look forward with ambition. “

Celta was able to play two games in 90 minutes, but the good of the second part was not enough to fix the disaster that was the first. Once again, he failed to recover from defensive mistakes that ended up costing him the meeting: “It is something that is costing us, keeping a clean sheet. It is being a key point. But you don’t just have to look at the defenders, you have to look at the whole, because you have to start defending from above. Because today the first goal comes from a strategy play where we are eleven guys in our area, and they score us. Can not be. Today in First, it is not forgiven, and Afterwards, it is very difficult to come back the matches, as has been seen today in the second half; it’s very complicated“pointed Mina.

The first goal comes from strategy where we are eleven guys in the area. Can not be

Santi Mina, Celta forward

Celta needed to win, does not know the victory since the return of the public to the stadiums. The last time he managed to do it in front of his people dates back to February 2020. The situation this season is not yet worrying, but it is beginning to be delicate: “You have to respect all opinions. People can be angry, it’s normal, we’ll understand. We are united, in the end we are the ones who are going to get the points on weekends, but I have no doubt that people will come to cheer us on and be with us. It is true that the start was very bad, but last year we already showed that we were able to turn it around with their help. “

Last year we already showed that we were able to turn it around with your help

Santi Mina

This Tuesday before the I raised, those of Coudet they will have a new opportunity to achieve the first victory of the season: “Yes, this does not stop. We go to another complicated field, nowadays in the First Division no game is easy. We are going to play against a great rival who also needs points and I think we have to start playing that game from now on. We are penultimate, we need the three points whatever, we have to start reversing the situation right now “

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