Saúl Berjón returns Burgos to Second 19 years later


Julián Calero’s ensemble thus closes a successful season

ANDl Burgos They have achieved promotion to the Smartbank League by beating Bilbao Athletic 1-0 in the second part of extra time, thus returning to the second division of Spanish football 19 years later.

With a goal from Saúl BerjónIn the last match of the final phase, the Burgos team coached by Julián Calero managed to return to the category they lost in the 2001-2002 campaign.

Burgos joins Real Sociedad B, Amorebieta, who achieved promotion on Saturday, and at Ibiza, who got it this Sunday.

He was worth the draw due to the advantage of having been first in the group, but he took advantage of a defensive error by the Bilbaoans so that the party exploded in the Francisco de la Hera before the final whistle, where some 2,000 fans of Burgos gathered.

The ball was dominated by those of Julian Calero, who wanted to look for the goal as soon as possible, especially through striker Juanma, who was the most active in the early stages.

The players of the Basque team contained the rival’s attacks, although their contribution in the attacking aspect was almost nil and only on the right wing, with Williams and Núñez, they achieved approaches.

The losses of Prados near his area were about to condemn the subsidiary a couple of times, but Burgos did not take advantage of it and with the initial result the referee Perez Hernandez sent the game to rest.

Nothing else to return from the locker room Walls he reacted quickly to a cut by Guillermo inside the Bilbao area and rolled him along with the ball without the referee signaling a penalty.

The clearest occasion was Undabarrena in minute 55 with a shot placed to the left square of Iru, that stretched to avoid the goal.

The equality He arrived at Francisco de la Hera and the two technicians bet on introducing forwards, but the match was cold.

In the last stretch of the game they tightened the Joseba Etxeberría, with the small Williams as the main weapon, given the shortage of forces in Burgos.

The 90 minutes were not enough to decide the tie and in the extra time the Castilians knew that they started with the advantage of having been first in their group, although the first approach was from the Athletic cubs, which ended with a shoe off the mark. Diarra, and the whites were unable to get close to Iru’s zone until in a counterattack, ridden by Álvaro Rodríguez, Saúl Berjón sent the ball over the goal.

In the next play, after a failure of the Basque defense, Undabarrena almost connected a shot from Alarcon when he was a meter from the goal line.

The game was broken and the balance could fall for either of the two, but it was Saúl Berjón who put the peace of mind for his team with a goal in the minute 107 by finishing at pleasure a center from the right that Iru could not do anything.

In the absence of six minutes to finish the referee had to be attended for the assists of the two teams due to muscular problems, from which he recovered.

The men of Etxeberría went with everything at least for the tables but no time to react.

Data sheet

1 – Burgos CF: Barovero; Álvaro Rodríguez, Zábaco, Córdoba, Raúl Navarro; Elgezabal, Mumo (Lobato, min. 87), Undabarrena, Saúl Berjón (Javi Gómez, min. 111); Juanma García (Alarcón, min. 90) and Guillermo (Medina, min. 63).

0 – Bilbao Athletic: Iru; Núñez (Baqué, min. 109), Paredes (Luengo, min. 109), Jaso, Imanol; Prados (Bernaola, min. 105), Diarra (Guruzeta, min. 109), Williams, Víctor (Urain, min. 60), Cabo (Nico Serrano, min. 74); and Artola.

Goal: 1-0, Saúl Berjón (min. 107).

Referee: Pérez Hernández (Madrid committee). He admonished Guillermo (min. 39), Navarro (min. 66), Barovero (min. 84) and Medina (min. 104) of Burgos, and Prados (min. 87), of Athletic. He sent off Jaso for a double yellow (min. 42 and 121) and Paredes with a direct red (min. 124), from Athletic.

Incidents: Match of the final round of the promotion phase of Segunda B to the Smartbank League played at the Francisco de la Hera stadium before some 2,500 spectators. The players jumped onto the pitch with green shirts from the ELA Extremadura Association.

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