Selim Çınar: Everything Depends On Winning In The Final Of Eight


Selim Çınar, General Manager of Pınar Karşıyaka, who won the Eight Final by defeating Happy Casa Brindisi in Izmir in the Basketball Champions League (BCL) play-off round, made evaluations before the BCL Eight Final to be played in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. . Speaking about the BCL organization, Çınar said that one of the most important reasons for Pınar Karşıyaka to choose the Basketball Champions League was the importance given to sportive success.

Stating that it was not easy to reach the BCL Eight Finals, Çınar said, “We lost three defeats against Brindisi, Holon and Tofaş in our group in the play-off round of the Basketball Champions League. During this period, there were the injuries we experienced and the points where we fell out of shape mentally. It must also be admitted that both this group and the competitors we encountered in the previous group were not rivals to be underestimated and we did not play easy matches. Therefore, even though we lost two games, the most important part of the job is that they left the group and that Pınar Karşıyaka will fight in the BCL Eight Finals this week. From this point of view, it is pleasing to come out of both groups and come here in a healthy way ”.

“In Final Eight, it all depends on getting on the field and winning”

Evaluating the match in the BCL Eight Finals, Çınar said, “Obviously, after reaching this point, it is not easy to comment on the lottery anymore. All other teams have come to this point and they are all strong and successful teams in themselves. However, I can say that it may be an advantage not to meet the host in such organizations. This certainly does not mean that ERA was a good draw or opponent for Nymburk. From now on, everything depends on getting on the pitch and winning. We will play the matches we will play in Russia with spectators. As Karşıyaka, we are a team that gets strength from its fans and likes to play on the field with its supporters. During this pandemic, unfortunately, we have always been deprived of an important part of our power source. In some of the away games we played this season, there were a certain amount of spectators. I think having sports fans in the halls has a positive effect on the game on the court. Especially for teams like us that are used to playing in front of fans. That’s why I believe it will be positive to play with the audience here, too ”.

“The Basketball Champions League has made it clear that it stands by the clubs.”

Stating that one of the most important reasons for Pınar Karşıyaka to choose the Basketball Champions League is the importance given to sportive success, Selim Çınar said, “The emphasis of the Basketball Champions League since its establishment was on the basis of the success of the clubs in their national leagues. They followed this route without deviating from them, adhering to these criteria for the basketball of each country and the local leagues of the countries. I think this is a very important criterion for the development of basketball and the organization and showing that it is upholding BCL’s principles. In addition, BCL showed that it both supported the clubs it walked with during the pandemic period and enabled the clubs to raise their level. From this point of view, I can say that BCL shows its difference compared to other organizations. I think the organization that managed this process best was the Basketball Champions League. From the very beginning, he presented a plan to reduce the travel traffic of clubs in case of travel restrictions in the countries, he managed his own sponsors, he did not reflect the losses of the organization to the clubs due to the decrease in the number of matches. These are very important for clubs struggling during the pandemic.

were important points. At this point, BCL made the decisions it had to make, not including any financial losses it might incur, and made it clear that it was on the side of the clubs. We continued to be here as we saw that the support it gave to the clubs in its organization, their contribution to the development of basketball and their plans for the future were clearer ”.

“BCL has come a long way in a short time”

When asked about his thoughts on other organizations in European basketball, Çınar said, “Considering the point we have reached, the EuroLeague in basketball may have brought this business to a point in terms of its own organization, but BCL has come a long way in a short time. During this time, I think it was very difficult for EuroCup. Judging by the latest developments, the EuroCup also has to renew itself. If they become aware of this, they will try to improve the conditions of the clubs. Considering that EuroCup, which was on the agenda last week, made a pre-agreement with 12 teams for a 3-year license, it is interesting that there is no Turkish team here and it is a situation that needs to be considered. At this point, the fact that only the champion can rise from the EuroCup to the EuroLeague and the low revenues may have reduced the attractiveness of the organization ”.

“We thank the federation for its decision to postpone the Beşiktaş match”

Speaking about the Beşiktaş Icrypex match, which was postponed in the Turkish Super League, Selim Çınar said, “Last week, we had a problem with Beşiktaş Icrypex to re-schedule our match, which was previously postponed due to coronavirus. As a result of our applications, the Turkish Basketball Federation postponed this match until after the BCL Eight Final. Perhaps we were able to explain our problem, which we could not explain in the Fenerbahçe match, here or the Turkish Basketball Federation thought that it could make a decision at this point. We would like to thank our federation for this decision, ”he said.

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