Separation confessions from Erdem Can! ‘I am not angry with Fenerbahçe’

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Erdem Can, the first Turkish coach to work in the NBA, made important statements about the separation process.

After working as an assistant coach at Fenerbahçe Beko for 9 years, Erdem Can left with a sad farewell and signed with the Utah Jazz, one of the important teams of the NBA, and told Hürriyet about all his experiences and feelings. Stating that the legendary coach Zeljko Obradovic showed up as the heir to the team when he left the team, he decided to leave after the head coaching offer he expected was not made, Can said, “I felt ready for head coaching. I was always told that I was among the candidates considered for this position, but was never offered an offer. “I’m never offended for that,” he said. Erdem Can’s statements are as follows:

Obradovic is being watched closely in the NBA

At Fenerbahçe, I assisted Simone Pianigiani, Ertuğrul Erdoğan, Zeljko Obradovic and Igor Kokoskov. Obradovic is a very important figure in world basketball, he is watched very closely even in the NBA. His contributions to me in mentoring, leadership and game tactics are undeniable. The Utah Jazz invited me to the NBA Summer League 6 years in a row. During this period, our relations with the team’s managers improved. When I got an offer from the Utah Jazz, I called Obradovic and asked his opinion. He said it would be better for me to go. After Kokoskov left, I was always told by Sertaç Komsuoğlu and Maurizio Gherardini that I was one of the head coach candidates, but it never reached the level of an offer.

I’ll go to my destination another way

Having worked all these years, I felt ready to be a head coach, but I’m not the one to appreciate that. They might say, “But this is a huge club, we can’t take that risk,” but the Utah Jazz showed me that confidence. Sometimes it is necessary to know how to leave in order to come back stronger and do better things. The fact that Fenerbahce did not make an offer did not cause any resentment in me. Because there are things in life that we cannot control. We could not find that appreciation in Fenerbahçe. But maybe there will be times when we will find out. I don’t look at the events emotionally, I don’t look at the feelings that go through my heart because there are realities. But the main goal is to go to the goal, the road is long, sometimes it is uphill, but if your goal is clear, you will go there. I’ll go another way.”

He has been coaching for 22 years.

Erdem Can, who started his coaching career in the infrastructure of Mülkiyespor in 1999, later served in Banvit, New Zealand National Team, PAOK, Türk Telekom, Olin Edirne, U21 National Team and Fenerbahçe.

Erdem Can stated that he will miss his family in the first year, and that his wife Meltem and son Yağız will come to the USA next year.

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