Sergio León is sincere: goodbye to Levante, Paco López, Pacheta and their exciting stage in Valladolid

FHe was the last to arrive in the summer transfer market, but little by little, Sergio León is having more prominence and importance at Real Valladolid. In fact, the footballer has been one of the most prominent in recent matches, although the goal continues to resist him. The Andalusian went to Radio MARCA Valladolid to talk about the news of both his new team and the last one, Levante.

Sergio León, during the interview with Radio MARCA Valladolid
Sergio León, during the interview with Radio MARCA Valladolid
What balance do you make of the nine days that have been disputed?
I think the team is going from less to more. We are all taking the concept of the mister, what we train we take to the field. We lack good results, which I am sure will come very soon.
What happens is that the Second requires a lot to be at the top …
It is clear, it is very long and very hard and no team makes it easy for you. We are Real Valladolid, I think we have one of the best squads in the category and we have to try to go up direct.
Have you found the same category that you left five years ago?
It is very pretty. It evolves, but it is still just as tough. I’ve been top scorer in it, but I need a promotion, which has to be very nice.
Is the goal clearly direct promotion?
The objective is to go up in any case, if it can be without a play-off, the better. If you can’t, you have to install it in the play off. To get to the first two places you must have a continuity of victories, but we are not that far from them either.
Is three wins out of nine too few?
Yes, they are few, but we have also had many setbacks in the form of injuries, penalties … And that, in the end, it shows. Little by little we have more players. There have been days in which we were only available 18 staff and we had to complete with kids from the subsidiary.
Did the team miss preseason?
I arrived on the last day, but obviously the physical preparation of the preseason is noticeable on the field at the beginning. As time goes by, we are better. We have two or three games that we have not won, but we are at a very good level and, with that, you have more options to win.
Before you cited penalties, to what extent are they being a drag?
For example, Malaga kicked us twice: the penalty and one that Roberto stopped. You go against the current and the whole game …
Do you frustrate more as a forward?
No, in the end we are a team. When it is committed by a defender, it is as if a striker did it.
Against Málaga you received a penalty that was not whistled …
It was very clear to me. Juande told me: “I shit, I thought I was going to whistle it.” I do not know if there are not so many VAR images in the Second Division or that … He stomped on me and I have spent three days with a purple foot.
Do you think the arbitrations are being fair with Real Valladolid?
It is true that there are many situations against it, but we cannot do anything. We are people and we all make mistakes. That’s what the VAR is for and it should help more.
Do you have the feeling that you are at a good level and that there is less to see the best Sergio León?
Yes, I hadn’t felt like this for a long time. It is true that I lack the goal, but I am also contributing other things such as playing from behind or filtering passes in depth. It is important to score a goal, but you also have to look out for your partner.
Has the system change been essential for the improvement of the team?
I sincerely believe that if we had continued with a defense of three, we would have grown equally. Personally, I like to play more accompanied, like now. I feel more comfortable.
You have great competition with Weissman and Cristo …
I wouldn’t call it competition because the three of us get along and get on well on the field.
How did the dressing room take on the incident involving Cristo González and Kike Pérez last weekend?
It is nonsense that goes through a misunderstanding, it was solved superfast. They both apologized to the dressing room, they get along very well.
But you are players and it brings a noise behind …
It goes with age. When you are a veteran, you are more aware of what you can and cannot do.
Pacheta’s role in this and other issues will have been important …
He is doing very well, he is knowing how to wear the costumes very well. To this day, both those of us who play and those who don’t, we are happy. He is a very good coach and very demanding. In training and day to day it motivates you a lot.
Was your signing more complex than it seemed?
My signing was solved in the last days, but we had reached the agreement very quickly. Everything depended on the departure of Sergi Guardiola because all the chips were occupied. As my representative is yours too, I was informed about everything, so I did not suffer so much.
In these times, it is not easy to see your predisposition to play in First to go to Second …
In Valencia I was having a bad time and I needed to compete again and be happy, and here I am getting it.
Was the problem a coach?
No, Paco López has always treated me very well, I had no problem with him. We have talked a lot, the other day I wrote him a message when he was fired and he was very happy to receive it. Although I did not play, I always tried to add in a different way in the dressing room, with jokes, a good atmosphere …
Pacheta commented that he had asked you not to be too aware of social networks …
It does not usually affect me much, depending on the moment. Sometimes I like to read bad things that they say to me. It is a motivation to do better and shut up.
It is true that in the summer there was a division of opinions about your signing, but now the fans are delighted with you …
At first they told me that I was coming to retire, but I laughed. Now, I am contributing with football and I hope that the goals will come soon, although it is not necessary to obsess over it either. The important thing is to win, whether I check it or not.
On Sunday, to Leganés …
We will try to get the three points. They are having a hard time, but they are three points behind us.
You are going to have three games in a few days, do you like it better like this or that there is more rest?
I like to play very often. You play, you rest and you have almost no time to train. This way you enjoy much more.

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