Sergio: “We are not going to put the coffin in the hole”


The coach does not give up the team and assures that they will go to San Sebastián to win the game

Si after the defeat at Mestalla, Sergio González’s spirits were already on the ground, the press conference of the Real Valladolid coach after losing to Villarreal showed Sergio more downcast. Initially, he assumed the blame for the critical situation that the team is going through. “My degree of responsibility is maximum. The players execute, but I am the one who makes the game plan. We have worked piecemeal, but the results do not endorse the great work that has been done in the shadows. There are two games left and everything is very good. compressed. We no longer depend on ourselves, but while there is life there is hope and our obligation is to go to San Sebastián and get the victory. At the level of play and feelings we have been close to victories, but in points it is not like that. I am the maximum guilty of this situation “.

Sergio explained the approach he sought from the beginning. “The line-up may seem defensive, but they have two great forwards and hence the presence of Joaquín. Villarreal combines well and came from playing great games. We couldn’t go out on goal, we wanted to mature him. At half-time we came better than them and El Yamiq’s chance could have changed the game. Then his goal came. It is a difficult and complicated situation, but it is time to appeal to pride and responsibility. We must finish the season in the most dignified way possible. “

Assuming the difficulty of Real Valladolid achieving permanence, Sergio assures that they will not surrender. “We have two games left and we are going to finish them. Who says we are not going to win in San Sebastián? We are going to make the evaluations when the season ends. We are not doing things because we are not getting that victory. I do not want to venture into anything else. Today the fans have been above us … they have taken us in flying colors. There is no other option but to lift our heads and throw responsibility. We are not going to put the coffin in the hole. “

The Real Valladolid coach also spoke of the possible return of the public to some stadiums. “It is getting into a mess and we have enough with that. But if Elche has 5,000 people, I hope we have them too.”

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