Sertaç Komsuoğlu: they partnered CSKA in the match

After the match, Sertaç Komsuoğlu, a member of the management Kkrulu, who followed Fenerbahçe Beko’s struggle on the road to CSKA Moscow, made a statement to Fenerbahçe TV. Komsuoğlu, who spoke harsh words, said, “The children shed their sweat to the end, we broke the match exactly, so interesting interventions were made that the opponent team was once again a partner in the match.” said.

We are sad. The guys fought very well for 3 periods. Afterwards, there were some referee comments that left their mark on the match when necessary. I do not want to shelter the referees in this match. Naturally, I do not want to take refuge in referee mistakes. We finished the season with these referees, and we start the play-offs with these referees. We report our complaints, we call it ‘the brand value of the EuroLeague’, we invest in the EuroLeague, but these need to be paid attention to. The children drained their sweat to the end, we broke the match completely, so interesting interventions were made that the opponent team was again a partner in the match.

If the goal is for a team to participate in the Final Four each year, we cannot eliminate this opponent. But if the aim is to play the play-offs, we can eliminate this team. Let me say it clearly.

I will have messages to our fans from here. Our fans, “Who is crippled, why don’t you announce?” he constantly criticizes. Look, Hackett was even announced to the EuroLeague today, saying ‘he will definitely not play crippled’ He has no injuries on the field today. There are many different movements, there are comments, there are evaluations. It is a play-off series, 5 matches. I especially ask our fans to protect this team. We are losing today, these children are also upset the same. Our fans are also upset, and we are also very upset. We are not only sad, but also angry …

There are positions we see. There are steps, there are walks. Fouls are played when our kids touch something, but much more well-intentioned against the opposing team… Nobody should tell me about the fouls in the last minutes. In a sense, the match is over. After it was over, fouls started to be played in our favor.

This is a 5 game series. I know our fans are very upset, they get very angry at every defeat, they get angry with us. Please get angry with us, get mad at me, but take care of these children. If we are going to pass this series, we will pass with them. This is also a fact. At the end of the season, if we fail as a team, they should make all kinds of criticism, all kinds of comments, but please take care of the team in this 1-week period. I hope we will get good results.

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