Sevilla vs Valencia: Two ways to be reborn

ANDl league championship has not yet said goodbye to September, but the first sensations that are shown in it usually accompany the clubs until the end of the season. The one that is placed in the head group, it is strange that it already falls (if it is one of the usual ones), while those who do not even know where they are walking already know that will have a difficult year. That second case could be the Valencia last year, with confrontations between the property and the coach, players more aware of the market than of the green and the feeling that without an audience nothing was happening. This has already changed.

The arrival of Jose Bordalás and the actual attempt to bring a sports project to fruition have revitalized one of the usual candidates to fight for the European squares and more specifically for the only one left by the three above, the quarter. And precisely today he will have before him who has dominated the league of mortals in the last two years: Sevilla. Despite a hesitant start to the year, with three ties -including the Champions League- in the last three games, Sevilla are the favorites to repeat their position in the league. Yes, they need wake up before a show of weakness invite more suitors than desired to the party of the Champions. The Andalusian team lacks rhythm and spark, drowning before high pressure and aggressive teams. Bordalás comes to them with that same recipe. To get out of the tunnel, what better way to do it than to face the profile of an adversary that you don’t even want to see. Fernando and Suso they did not exercise yesterday. “We all have low”Lopetegui snaps. Although it is Valencia who arrives depleted.

A low Valencia

There is no other. Bordalás has to pull the plan B. Even from plan C. The casualties have multiplied and the cyclone of injuries has devastated both bands. Cheryshev and Gayà on the left, Soler and Correia on the right. The four of them are going to be in the infirmary for a while and to play in Seville the coach will have to pull out of the closet. Lato, until now forgotten, will start with Hugo Duro. On the opposite band they will form Foulquier, which is valid for everything and Yunus. The rest will be the usual team with the great doubt the goal. A Seville-Valencia almost as a presentation of what is to come. The other league.

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