Shaun Gayle says ‘complacency is the enemy’ in fight for racial justice following murder of George Floyd


Former Chicago Bears advocate Sean Gale says the fight for racial justice is far from over: “People in communities affected by police brutality and inequality are going to make it clear to everyone that complacency and indifference are enemies. ”

Sean Gale insists that the fight for racial justice must not slow down as the world strives for a “new normal” one year after the assassination of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Videos of the incident sparked worldwide outrage as NFL players performed in their speeches and used their platforms to press for social reform, engaging in peaceful protests, and even calling on the league to promote its support for equality and justice.

While Chauvin’s condemnation represents momentary justice, Gale says the work is far from complete.

“In this particular situation, to get justice for George Floyd, yes, it was successful, but it’s not over yet. It’s basically a quest for a new norm, ”said the former Chicago Bears quarterback who won the Super Bowl. Sky sports

“People from communities that suffer from police brutality and inequality and the like, they are going to make it clear to everyone that complacency and indifference is the enemy, and that this must continue to ensure that people of color are safe and that policing is has changed, and that we are really watching closely and doing everything in our power to eradicate systemic racism.

“The biggest change is that we have all witnessed, and this is a real connection with what is happening on the streets. The protests were meant to get attention, and when they did, based on a young woman’s filming of George’s murder. Floyd, the world has had the opportunity to see what many people of color have experienced and what they have already seen.

“To shed some light on this, it was a huge step in itself, and pushing the idea that we all need to be held accountable and accountable to do our best to expose this will always be one step closer to a solution.

Floyd’s death markedly tilted the microscope towards the league’s own approach to tackling discrimination and social justice, as the NFL was criticized for its treatment of Colin Kaepernick after he fell to one knee while performing in front of the national anthem to protest the police. cruelty back in 2016.

Many big names have banded together in a video calling on the league to “condemn racism and systemic oppression of blacks” after a weak initial statement following Floyd’s assassination.

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