Simeone: “It was a very tough year”


The Argentine coach was interviewed on Radio La Red AM 910 and left some of the keys to the success of the rojiblancos this season

Htwo days have passed since Atlético was proclaimed league champion and the rojiblancos continue to enjoy the title. The míster, Diego Pablo Simeone attended Paulo Vilouta from Radio La Red AM 910 to analyze the rojiblanco title. Simeone, who said he was “very happy” wanted to highlight his team’s season. A season that he qualified as: “Extraordinary. We were in the first 30 dates and it would have been unfair if we didn’t win the title”.

The Argentine wanted to value the difficulty of winning a title in “a league where Real Madrid and Barcelona are, to win you have to do it very well.” For this the rojiblancos had to make in the words of their coach “a terrible, almost unrepeatable first round.” The Athletic, who won the second league in the Cholo era, had to “make a great effort in the end to win a very important title for our people”. You just have to see the communion between the fans and the players in the celebrations.

In order to Simeone, there was a key moment in the last days: “When we left the game alive with Elche, there I said there is a smell that it could be ours.” Fidel’s penalty in the 90th minute was a turning point to see the title closer. A title in a “very hard year”. The coach was happy and assured that the triumph of Atlético and not Real Madrid and Barcelona “gives a hope that you can”.

Simeone conducts the ‘orchestra’ at the Wanda to the sound of the new “uruguasho”

He also had words for a special footballer like Angel Correa: “He has played every game of the year. He is a humble, hard-working, talented guy, dedicated to the cause. I told him to be calm because the goal was going to come. “That hug after finishing the match against Betis was a premonitory of what would come next. Correa’s performance was key to sentencing the title.

He recalled the first title and the difficulty of achieving this: “We did it again and it makes me very happy.” And he had a message for those who still consider him a defensive coach: “We played with Llorente and Koke in the middle of the field, for those who call us defensive.”

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