Simeone wants his third Miguel Muñoz


The Argentine coach leads the Trophy for the best valued coach

Lto fight for the conquest of Miguel Muñoz Trophy, which awards the best coach in the League, enters its final stretch. And the classification could not be tighter. As in the championship contest, a good or bad performance can decide who will finally be proclaimed as the best coach in the 2020-21 League.

MARCA Awards. 02. Matchday 35. Season 2020-21Graphic: BRAND Source: OPTA

Diego Pablo Simeone leads in the provisional classification. The Argentine has placed Atlético as the leader for much of the season and his good work directing the destinies of the rojiblanco team has led him to such a privileged position.

MARCA Awards. 03. Matchday 35. Season 2020-21Graphic: BRAND Source: OPTA

Simeone is looking for his third Miguel Muñoz. It has already been awarded in the campaigns 2013-14 and 2054-16. Since the establishment of the Trophy, in the 2005-06 season, no coach has achieved three wins. The Argentine would be the first to achieve it, a milestone in the Spanish League. Diego Martinez (Grenade), Zinedine Zidane (Real Madrid) and Ronald Koeman (Barcelona) are the Argentine’s rivals in the final victory.

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