Simeone’s ‘finals’


The Argentine coach presents a favorable balance in the games that resolved a title. Only Madrid has been able to beat him in a final match

ANDOn Saturday the Athletic in Valladolid as if it were a final. A game, a title at stake. The rival will not be in that fight but if he will walk in his no less important. And to lead the team in the final of Pucela, a specialist. Simeone. The Argentine has led his team in eight single-match finals and has won in five of them. The other three ended with very painful defeats, but all of them in extra time. Two on penalties. And all three against the same rival, Real Madrid.

The idyll of Cholo with the finals he started with the Europa League. His first final with Atlético resulted in a resounding victory against the Athletic of Bielsa. Falcao’s exhibition in Bucharest continued the following season with the conquest of the European Super Cup against Chelsea and the Copa del Rey at the Bernabéu with Miranda’s goal against Madrid. That title definitely changed the dynamics of Atlético. Until that moment all his finals had been victory.

The ‘final’ of the Camp Nou

Season 13/14 was resolved with the ‘final’ of the Camp Nou. The regularity tournament was played to a match between the first and second of the table in the field of this. Simeone’s men tied that afternoon against him Barcelona and they took the title. A few days later, the first single-match defeat would arrive. Perhaps the most painful of all since they came to caress it with their hands. Ramos’ goal truncated the Champions League dream.

After Milan, two more titles

After the end of Lisbon the second defeat in a final would come. Again of Champions and again in front of Madrid. This time it was the penalties that deprived Atlético of the title. The team was rebuilt and returned to play three more finals. Europa League, European Super Cup and Spanish Super Cup. Two victories, one of them against the neighbor and a new loss on penalties also against those of Zidane. The balance of Simeone in the decisive matches he invites the rojiblancos to optimism. Eight finals, nine if we count the Camp Nou, six titles. In the tenth ‘final’, Atlético hopes to add its League eleven.

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