Simon: “I wanted not to have a vacation, but you have to listen to everyone”

ORnai Simón has been training since the weekend as one more in the rojiblanca squad. The international goalkeeper hopes to regain ownership this Saturday against Celta. “I’m going to give it 100% because this is the club where I want to play every game of my life. I’m giving it my all, but the decision to play is not up to me. The goal is very well covered with Julen (Agirrezabala) and Jokin (Ezkieta, “he highlighted this Wednesday in Lezama. The goalkeeper also wait for Luis Enrique’s list. “I never know before the list if I’m going to go. I try to train hard to play this weekend and then the selection will depend on how the coach sees the situation,” he said.

The one from Murgia He explained why he came from the Games and after training one day he took a week and a half on vacation. “My personal decision before the summer was that if at the end of the Games I was fine, I wanted to join the group as soon as possible. But it is true that you have to listen to all parties. I was feeling well, physically and mentally, but listening to family, friends and mister I decided to take vacations. The coach told me that with the decision he made he would pull forward and listening to everyone I decided to stop“he commented.

Your path as a goalkeeper

“It is important to improve every day. I am better than two months ago. Experiences are what make you a better player and person. At the Eurocup I lived one of the most difficult moments of my career to solve and that makes you improve and grow. I’m a better goalkeeper and a better person than two months ago. goal is more psychological than physical and is linked to emotions. Last year I made rude mistakes, learning from them and drawing conclusions makes you mature. It was my first year in the national team and players like Busquets, Alba or Koke, who say that the human group is the best they have experienced makes you see that in the face of any mistake by any player there will always be support. It’s not like the Athletic dressing room, but we form a great group and without egos. “

Last year I made rude mistakes, learning from them and drawing conclusions makes you mature.

The error of the Eurocopa against Croatia

“This year I have had ugly experiences, but you can’t stop at it. In the game you have to have the memory of a fish because you cannot be blind. Leaving the game due to a mistake is disrespectful. Mistakes are part of football. At that moment I forgot very quickly because I saw that the team needed the goalkeeper. It is a life experience. “

Agirrezabala’s competition

“I have seen him and knew him before. He has always seemed like a great goalkeeper. Jokin and Julen push me because they are both great goalkeepers. Sometimes we see that there is a problem in the goal and what we have is a virtue because there are three great goalkeepers. You have to see how Jokin works, he is prepared to play phenomenally. Armando, a youth goalkeeping coach, always says he loves to see us up there competing. We must value what has been done in the lower categories. “

Last was a beautiful season for me that I think I will never repeat

The balance of last season

“A beautiful season with five championships and four finals. It has been a very beautiful season. The path traveled and the moments lived is what makes you grow as a footballer. From there, everything he has learned in the national team this summer will be put at the disposal of the team. It was a beautiful season for me that I think I will never repeat. “

The experience in Eurocup and Games

“The whole summer that I have been away has been a terrible experience, with a lot of enrichment in personal and sporting aspects. The Olympics were a dose of humility because we weren’t going as footballers, we were just a few more athletes there. That dose of humility makes you reconsider. “

The lost finals

“I want to play everything and win every possible title. Soccer is about competing, but it wouldn’t take away any of the losses because the experience of winning a Super Cup and losing a Copa del Rey makes you learn a lot. Let’s see if we can repeat and excite our people again. “

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