Social networks help a Betic fan to recover the scarf of her deceased son

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Lhe social networks have been mobilized since last weekend to help a Betis fan find the scarf of the Verdiblanco team that belonged to her son, now deceased, and that she lost during the celebration of the Copa del Rey. Aurora Speedboatprotagonist of this story, went to the vicinity of the stadium Benito Villamarin after his team won the title in Charterhousewith a garment with a great sentimental value for her and her family: “It is what we have left of him”.

Your son, Jamespassed away three years ago, and in a post on his profile Facebook commented on what happened: “I know it’s an impossible mission, but it’s the last thing I can do and I don’t lose anything by trying. Yesterday when I left the VillamarinBetween the euphoria and the mass of people there, I lost my child’s scarf. He fell off me and even though I walked the path again I didn’t find her anymore “, he began writing dawn.

“It is a very special scarf because I had it since the Betis down to Second and it says ‘we’ll be back’. There wasn’t a game she didn’t wear it to. Yesterday I wanted her to come with me to the final and I awkwardly lost her. For those who don’t know why it’s so special, my son passed away three years ago. If I don’t get her back, which I am aware is difficult, I only hope that whoever found her knows how to value her and takes her to the games with the same affection as him, “she concluded.

More than 20,000 messages on the networks

His message went viral on the networks and thousands of users mobilized to give him a greater reach. After more than 20,000 people shared her letter, including several players from the Verdiblanca first team, the story had a happy ending and a fan who had found the scarf, upon hearing the story, quickly contacted her to return it.

“When a child of yours dies, you live in memories. This for me is part of my child, a very important part because he enjoyed it a lot and will continue to enjoy it because I will continue to take it to the field,” he said. dawn a south channel. “The truth be told, I did not expect so much solidarity, thank you very much to all of you, those of you who have helped us in one way or another, really, from the heart, thanks to a great person I can confirm and I confirm that he is already at home,” he concluded. .

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