Soldier, sanctioned with three games


Competition dismisses Granada’s appeal

Lhe things have not turned out as Granada expected. The Competition Committee has decided to sanction Roberto Soldado with three matches, one for the expulsion and two for the incidents reflected in the minutes after the rojiblanco attacker left the field.

The body has dismissed the appeal filed by Granada, considering that “the existence of a manifest material error is not deduced with evidence, in the minutes drawn up by Díaz de Mera, which included the comments of Soldier and his kick to the VAR monitor, actions that have been considered an attitude” of contempt or disregard “towards the referee team, as stated in article 117 of the Disciplinary Code.

The referee reflected in the minutes that Soldado went to the fourth referee, saying “you are some shit”. Granada provided images in which, as in those broadcast in Gol, the attacker could be heard saying: “Then you want respect and you treat us like shit.”

Despite the tests, the Competition has been blunt: “Indeed, when viewing the images it is observed that the player addresses the assistant, although what he says is not heard clearly enough and on the other hand, the images are cut at a certain moment without it being ruled out that there could be other expressions. Ultimately, the images do not allow to distort what is reflected in the record and therefore the existence of a manifest material error cannot be concluded.

Despite this setback, the Andalusian club is going to appeal to Appeal, although everything indicates that Soldado will have to miss the matches against Betis, Real Madrid and Alavés, leaving Diego Martínez without fewer resources in attack for the final stretch of the championship.

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