Spain Football Capital, one step away from buying Zaragoza

Lfor sale from Real Zaragoza it is getting closer and closer and going through the final stretch. In recent days the owners were divided between the two offers they have on the table. Now, the investment group has taken advantage again Spain Football Capital, who was always the great favorite to take over the handy club, and is one step away from buying the club. It is the Yarza family choice, even if Alierta opted more for the other, that of the multinational group.

Except for an unexpected turn, everything indicates that it will finally be the group that has the Álvarez del Campo brothers and the lawyer Domínguez Otero with visible heads. The offer is more succulent with around 50 million, slightly less than half to buy the Blanquilla entity and face the first payments and the rest to reinforce the workforce. Money that will be used to build a more competitive and higher-quality team that can fight for promotion to First, the great goal that the Foundation has failed to achieve.

It is expected that before the weekend the issue will be resolved in order to begin planning a template that, in principle, will have Miguel Torrecilla and Juan Ignacio Martínez in charge of operations. Changes are not expected in these two positions but changes in those of CEO and President in which neither Luis Carlos Cuartero nor Christian Lapetra will follow. Of the rest of the minority shareholders, still sHe does not know if they would all leave with Alierta or if someone would stay.

Some changes within the Aragonese club that the fans demanded after a disastrous season that almost ended with Real Zaragoza in Second B. With the arrival of new owners, a door to illusion and hope opens. A new direction to enjoy football again in the capital of the Ebro.

June 15, 2021 admin

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