Spain’s plan: suffocate Sweden

Nor is it a coincidence that Spain is training at 18.00 hours, when the thermometers of Las Rozas show 33 degree. Nor is it a coincidence that squad is full of young footballers, many of whom don’t rack up too many minutes this season. Luis Enrique, who from the first minute has made clear his philosophy of playing with the ball, wants Spain to be a team of vertigo during the Eurocup. Maybe it doesn’t have megacracks, but it does have airplanes. And he is convinced that the physical condition of his players can make a difference in the tournament.

It has been common in recent competitions to see how Spain came very fair to the tournaments. This year the opposite is happening, the players are in perfect condition, as the coach has been able to verify in situ during training. Not even the intense heat makes them slow down, which fills Luis Enrique with optimism, convinced that the Swedes are going to have a very bad time in Seville on Monday.

The temperature at game time is expected to be around 30 degrees. Good for Spain and bad for Sweden, which has prepared the Eurocup in his country, training every day at 15 degrees. The Swedish players will take a heat slap similar to that suffered by the Spanish players in the World Cup in Brazil, a championship that they prepared in the fresh air of Curitiba when the first two games were played in Salvador and Rio de Janeiro, with 20 degrees more. Luis Enrique is convinced that the heat will be a Spanish ally.

Physical strengths

As much as the controversy continues, Luis Enrique has made it clear that the absence of Sergio Ramos is due exclusively to physical problems. Because a player who has not played due to injury and who has barely trained is not the same as a player who has trained one hundred percent and then has played less by technical decision. The first is not there to play at a high rate, the second is. And that is why Ramos is not in the Euro, because Luis Enrique wanted 24 planes.

The coach is delighted with the pace of work of his players and, together with a system that they already know by heart, it has all the ingredients to think that as soon as the tournament starts, Spain will do well. In the areas there can be problems, yes, but dominating the ball and being superior physically, Luis Enrique is sure that they will be much closer to victory than defeat.

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