Spectators will be admitted to football and basketball matches in Spain

In Spain, the government has decided to take spectators for football and basketball matches in regions where the number of new cases is low in the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic.

Speaking to journalists after the Regional Health Council meeting with the autonomous government governments in the country, Minister of Culture and Sports Jose Manuel Rodriguez Uribes and Health Minister Carolina Darias, in the last two weeks of the season and play-off matches in the 1st and 2nd football leagues, and the remaining 1st league in basketball. announced that the matches will be played with spectators.

Uribes said that a maximum of 5 thousand people will be admitted to football stadiums in areas with low number of cases defined as Level 1 in Kovid-19, they will be obliged to wear FFP2 type masks, and spectators will be allowed to drink only water by measuring their fire.

In the current situation, only 7 of the 17 autonomous administrations in the country (Valencia, Balearic Islands, Galicia, Murcia, Extremadura, Asturias and Canary Islands) will benefit from the application, which covers regions where the number of Kovid-19 new cases detected in every 100 thousand people is below 80.

In autonomous regions such as Madrid, Catalonia and Basque, where the epidemic is most intense, matches will continue to be played without an audience.

Valencia-Eibar and Villarreal-Sevilla, which will be played on Sunday, May 16, in the 37th week of the Spanish 1st Football League (La Liga), and Elche-Athletic Bilbao, Levante-Cadiz and Celta Vigo-Real Betis on May 23 in the last week of the league. will be played.

Football and basketball competitions have been played without an audience since March 2020 in the country.

In Spain, where the number of cases has decreased in the last two weeks, the number of Kovid-19 cases detected in every 100 thousand people has decreased to 173.

Spain ended the state of emergency, which has been imposed for about 7 months due to Kovid-19, and includes a night curfew on May 9.


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