Spencer Rattler to Kyle Hamilton: 2022 NFL Draft prospects to follow as college football returns

Spencer Rattler’s best pick, the rise to fame of Derek Stingley, Jr., Ohio maestro Chris Olav and Oregon hunter quarterback Kyvon Thibodeau. We’re looking at some of the 2022 NFL Draft prospects to track as the college football season kicks off.

College football is finally back, which gives us a reason to take a look at some of the top players ahead of the 2022 NFL Draft.

There are roughly 893 football colleges across the country, spread across five division tiers, and 130 FBS programs – we’ve cut them down to 10 drafts worth keeping an eye on throughout the season …

It was difficult to decide whether to include Bris Hall or Isaiah Spiller, but with Texas A&M getting a couple of mentions later, we figured it was best to give recognition to Iowa’s fast-paced car. Hall may not be as physically dominant as Spiller, but his elusiveness and break-off speed reached exceptional numbers in 2020 as he posted a nationwide 1,572 yards (and 1606 yards cumulative from scrum), while he averaged 5 .6 yards per carry. having run 21 landings and chalked up the fastest first falls. Over the past two seasons, the 20-year-old has recorded 13 snatch games of at least 100 yards.

The one the NFL has been waiting for. LSU cornerback Derek Stingley and his elite ball possession skills could turn pro by leading the SEC with six interceptions and 15 assists protected in his freshman year during the 2019 campaign that won the Tigers national championship. His performance declined in his sophomore year as he finished with five defensive passes and no interceptions, but he’s the kind of corner-defender who deliberately tends to stray. His trajectory this year will be exciting.

If next year’s No. 1 overall ranking isn’t a quarterback, chances are high that Oregon’s Kywon Thibodeau will be. The contender for Walter Camp’s Player of the Year is arguably the most accomplished passing player in the country, with 23.5 tackles per losing, as well as 12 sacks in 20 games over the past two campaigns. The # 1 promising candidate in the 2019 recruiting class, who led Oregon with nine sacks in his freshman year, also recently received the All-American AP Awards ahead of the season.

Those who have studied the likes of Havonte Williams, Michael Carter, Diami Brown and Dazz Newsom ahead of the 2021 draft should be familiar with North Carolina’s Sam Howell, who is predicted to enter the new season as one of the leading defender options. will arrive next April with an overdue visit to Las Vegas. Howell is approaching his third year as a starter, recording 64.24 percent of completed matches with 7,224 yards, 68 touchdowns and 14 interceptions on an average of 10.3 yards per try over the past two seasons. He leads a professional offense and has shown his excellent hand strength by feeding a talented receiver corps, although the departure of the aforementioned quartet will give a good indication of his development amid speculation that he could be the # 1 overall pick.

From one familiar defender to another. Most of them discovered Spencer Rattler while tracking his high school climb as one of the stars of the Netflix documentary QB1. Lincoln Riley’s proven ability to find and raise the # 1 quarterbacks at Baker Mayfield and Kyle Murray leaves strong faith in Rattler’s chances of success as an NFL starter and Caleb Williams after him in that regard. The Heisman Trophy candidate offers great mobility in the pocket, the ability to throw the platform and on the run, innate playability and unmatched confidence. Rattler finished 2020 with a 9-2 record in his first season as a starter, making 214 out of 317 assists (67.5 percent) at 3,031 yards, 28 touchdowns and seven interceptions, and shooting 160 yards and six points.

Speaking of Jimbo Fischer’s charges, let’s talk about defensive lineman De Marvin Leela. The 6ft 4,290lb junior tends to come off the edge, and size and length can ruin the interior. Leal completed his sophomore 37 tackles, including seven losers, 2.5 sacks, eight quarterback attempts, one forced fumble and one fumble recovery, one steal and three defended passes. Its versatility is perfect for the modern NFL.

Evan Neal is poised to do so for the third straight year and the sixth of the last nine that Nick Sabana’s Alabama produced an attacking lineman in the first round. The 6’7 ”, 360 pound junior threw just 1.5 sacks last year, switching from left-back to right-back to fill the void left by Jedric Wills with 26 career starts in those two positions. Alex Leatherwood’s departure to the NFL means Neil could now find himself stumped by Bryce Young. Neil dropped 15 pounds this offseason trying to match his size and strength while improving speed and body control.

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