Stories of overcoming

Players recovered after serious injuries, keys to the great feat of permanence

Nor it matters how many times you fall, but how many you are able to get up. This attitude towards life has been tattooed on fire by many of the current Málaga players, now responsible for the great feat of permanence. Those who spent recently, and for many months, between physios and doctors, with the gym and the pool as their second home, suffering because they did not step on the grass and watching a distant recovery on the horizon that would make them feel like footballers again.

In that period they are right now Pablo Chavarría, the last to fall with a tear of the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee, and Ivan Calero, with the same injury. Both of them have good examples of resilience within the malaguista squad. And they are not isolated cases.

One of them is Matos. Last season he was loaned by Cádiz to Twente. He only had time to act in two games before breaking his left knee. Many months and sacrifices later, the Utreran returns to enjoy football. “After a blank year, I knew it was going to cost me. When this kind of thing happens to you, you become mentally strong, although there is always fear and a little pain. Sometimes I have doubted myself a little because I feared the worst. But the extra exercises, the training with the equipment, the food … everything helps. I think everything has already been left behind, “he said on Radio Marca Málaga. And in faith that he has, he is already indisputable on the left-back and the sixth with the most minutes played this season.

After a year in white, I knew it was going to cost me … sometimes I have doubted myself a little because I feared the worst

More is costing Orlando Sá. In his case it was a season and a half of absence. In May 2019, course 18/19, the Achilles tendon was broken defending the elastic of Standard de Liège. He did not play again until this season, already in Malaga, in September. The pain has never disappeared, but the Portuguese does not give up in his efforts to recover and that it is not an injury that removes him at 32 years of age.

Yes you are having more luck Jairo samperio, who is finding himself, little by little, with his best level. Also in 2018/19, in Hamburg, he only played two league games. In training he broke the anterior crusader of his right knee and was left in the dry dock for a whole year. Afterwards, they did not give him confidence and he hardly played. He did not renew and signed for Malaga for two seasons. In the second round, coinciding with the best moment of the Blue and Whites, he took over the far right, remembering his good times at Racing and Sevilla.

The hunger for football that all of them have shown has been noticed in a Malaga whose market options were very limited, but that has gotten a great performance from it to meet a goal in which few believed.

More than a decade has passed, but there is another example of improvement among Malaguistas. Lombán, in his beginnings at Valencia, suffered up to two serious knee injuries. At the age of 19, he broke the crusader in his left knee. And two later, start over after breaking the internal ligament of the right knee. No sign of those serious mishaps on one of the team captains.

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