Stuani: “I dream of the final whistle and the promotion celebration”

ANDl Girona lives in a cloud after signing a brilliant final stretch of the course and an unbeatable start to the ‘playoffs’ that has served to stand on the lap of the final with clear promotion options. The Girona team have the opportunity to achieve the long-awaited promotion again with the decisive match at home, less than a year after losing that option with Pere Milla’s added-time goal for Elche. The white and red do not want to miss the revenge that football offers them and, with the favorable score 1-2 of the first leg in Vallecas against Rayo, they offer a ambitious message, but at the same time prudent, aware that the work must be closed and that it will not be easy to do so.

“We have the ambition to achieve the goal and to win. I think that is the mentality we should have. We have to touch it, but you have to keep your feet on the ground since we have not done anything, just an important step. The Ray will make it difficult for us, we have it clear, “he said. Cristhian Stuani, one of the captains and reference of Girona on and off the field.

Luckily we have another rematch just a year later, can’t escape

The Uruguayan striker played the last half hour of the game in Vallecas after coming out of injury. Although fair, in terms of his fitness, the Uruguayan makes himself available to the team for anyone: “I had tremendous gains from playing and helping the team. I’m fine and I want to give everything to achieve the conscious goal that now the most important thing is to make pineapple. I am very proud of the team for all the route it has had throughout the season and the obstacles it has overcome. We are a group of players with a good mentality, humble and focused on what they play.“, explained the Girona center forward

Stuani, celebrating his goal against Zaragoza in Montilivi this season
Stuani, celebrating his goal against Zaragoza in Montilivi this seasonThe league

The thorn of the past course

Stuani scored 31 goals last year that did not help Girona to get to first place. In fact, the Uruguayan international was sent off in the second leg of the final in Montilivi against ElcheIn a debatable action that changed the course of the tie, without a doubt, a thorn in the ground that the striker has tried to forget: “They are things that happened that cannot be changed. Whether it was fair or not, I have the opinion that it was not fair. Luckily we have another rematch only one season later, an opportunity that cannot be escaped, “a Stuani stated emphatically, adding: “I dream of the final whistle and of being able to celebrate the promotion. That is priceless and we will leave everything on the field to close the job.”

It is not done yet, the Lightning will make it difficult for us, that is clear to us

For Stuani, staying at Girona every summer has been subject to the category where the team played but, above all, to the commitment and comfort that the player himself and his family felt for the club and the environment: “My commitment to the club goes much further. I am happy and proud of what we have achieved, but I am not a conformist and I want promotion. Now no type of situation occurs to me beyond going up “, declared a confident, confident and at the same time restrained Stuani

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