Sturridge, before starting training with Mallorca: “I’m better than 10 years ago”

Sturridge trains from this Wednesday with Mallorca in your process to find the best level and to be the player who won the Champions League a little more than two seasons ago. The British striker would be a luxury reinforcement for a Balearic team that in his statement did not clarify the future of this relationship. Also, there were some statements from the former international with the England National Team in which he showed his “obsession with being better than I was before. “

The technical direction of Mallorca does not stop taking aces out of hand to leave Luís García Plaza the best possible group of players to face this return to Primera. After confirmation of the continuity of Mollejo and Amath and the new incorporations of Ángel, Jaume Costa, Greif and Maffeo, Pablo Ortells gives a new blow on the table and incorporates Daniel Sturridge to the training of the vermilion group.

I am training so intensely that my performance surpasses what I was 10 years ago.

While it is true that the forward has not been with any team since March 2020, when Trabzonspor terminated his contract for being penalized for illegal gambling, Sturridge himself said, in an interview with journalist Jake Humphrey, that “I am obsessed with being better than I was before.” The Briton claims to have been “training day in and day out for the last 12 months, even when he was sanctioned. There was Covid and no one could play, but looking forward I’m sure I’m fine, it’s difficult to explain, I’m sorry and people are going to see it“.

Sturridge shows his desire to feel like a footballer again and show the player he is. His ambition to achieve it seems to have no limits, so much so that he declares that “I am training so intensely that my performance surpasses what I was eight years ago. I am better than before. I am also older, I have more knowledge, my body is in good physical shape, I did not think it was possible to do the things that I am doing now. I am proving to myself that it is possible and I am proud of it. “

I want to pass my knowledge on to young players so they don’t make the mistakes that I have made

The forward seems to have reached a stage of fullness and maturity in his life and assures that “I know when it’s time to go to sleep I can tell myself” this is not good for you“I know what I can and cannot do. I am responsible for everything that touches me. I am motivated, I want to win and help the team, I want to pass my knowledge on to young players so that they do not make the mistakes that I have made and help them to be the best version of themselves. This is important to me, to make the youngest understand that I have gone through many difficult things but that I have managed to get out of them and now I feel better than 10 years ago, it is rare to say it, but it is an emotion and physically it is also showing, I feel incredible “.

A forward regretful of his past who wants to get back on the grass and score goals. A move -one more- of Mallorca in the market to try to make a difference this season. In the event that the Balearic team can have the option of incorporating Sturridge into their squad, recovering their best level and incorporating him into their team, they can take the leap in quality to a team that since the transfer period began has not stopped increasing the level of the players.

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