Suarez moment

The Uruguayan seems decisive for the rojiblancas aspirations

DTen finals are ahead of Atlético. And for this, those of Simeone her most reliable man. Within the rojiblanca squad, there are only three guys who know what it is to lift the LaLiga title. One of them did it up to four times. Without a doubt, a guarantee of success. Luis Suárez arrived at the Metropolitan wanting revenge for the way they opened the exit door for Barcelona. The Uruguayan wanted to vindicate himself, and boy has he done so. Until now, 19 goals as rojiblanco.

The final stretch starts and Suárez has ten games ahead of him to fulfill his revenge. Ten rivals to close the wound. Among them, some of his favorite victims. 46 goals against the nine rivals ahead of Atlético, He only has to make his debut against Barcelona. Eibar with 12 and Betis with 11 they are two of Suárez’s favorite teams. They are not left behind Seville and Athletic, to which he made half a dozen as many. There is no rival in the rojiblanco calendar except for the already mentioned exception of Barça, which the Uruguayan has not pierced his goal. Osasuna and Valladolid they only received one goal. Surely the mattress fans do not ask for more if it gives them to add three points.

After almost two months without rest, the national team stoppage and the suspension of Uruguay’s matches have served the striker to recharge his batteries for this stretch of the competition. Since the beginning of February it accumulated almost 97% of the minutes that his team had played on the field, too much load for legs that had suffered a lot physically in recent years. Now, after almost two weeks without competition, the Athletic The sprint for the title begins with the tranquility of having a center forward like the Uruguayan in their ranks. A good part of the mattress options will depend on their numbers at this end of the course.

With the doubt until the last moment of who will be his dance partner in attack, the Uruguayan will seek to maintain his best version. The forward has scored three goals in recent league games. Remaining at zero like all his team on the day of the Getafe. Versus Real Madrid, Athletic and Alavés, his goals were key to add seven points. Now, they need to do it three at a time. In Seville, the first stop on the trip to LaLiga.

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