(SUMMARY) Pınar Karşıyaka – Anadolu Efes match result: 79-73

Pınar Karşıyaka defeated Anadolu Efes with a score of 79-73 in the second match of the ING Basketball Super League Play-Off quarter-finals series, bringing the situation to 1-1 in the series.

Pınar Karşıyaka defeated Anadolu Efes 79-73 in the ING Basketball Super League Play-Off quarter-finals second match at home in front of the crowded stands and brought the situation to 1-1 in the series. After losing the first match of the match in Istanbul 80-66, they managed to defeat their strong opponent in the second leg, despite their important shortcomings such as Blackmon, Berkan, Burak Can and Semih Erden, with great support from the fans, Roll and Taylor became the architects of the victory with 20 points each. The third and final match between the two teams will be played on Sunday, May 15, in Istanbul. The side that defeats their opponent will write their name in the semi-finals.

At the beginning of the match, Pınar Karşıyaka responded to Anadolu Efes’s Larkin and Pleiss three-pointers with a Roll. In the section where the guest team took the lead and increased the gap up to 5 points, the host caught his opponent with M’Baye. The first period was completed with 22-21 Anadolu Efes superiority. Karsiyaka, who did not give his opponent a chance to score for 3 minutes in the second period, took the lead with a series of 12-0, and with 4 minutes 44 seconds left in the half, Karsiyaka took the lead with Taylor’s points 39-28 and increased the difference to 11 points. Anadolu Efes did not leave the game with Larkin’s intervention. The first half ended in favor of the home team 49-42 with Tyus’ dunk. At the beginning of the third period, Karşıyaka increased the lead to 12 points. Although Anadolu Efes reduced the lead to 1 point with Singleton’s three pointer with 2 minutes and 20 seconds left, Kaf-Kaf did not let his opponent catch him with Taylor’s three pointer right after, and the third period ended with a score of 63-57. .

In the fourth quarter, Anadolu Efes took the lead 65-63 after a long time with Ömer Can’s 3-pointer. Having scored at critical moments with Roll, Taylor and Colson, Karşıyaka entered the last 1 minute and 7 seconds with a 75-71 advantage as Singleton failed to take advantage of 2 free throws in a row. Karsiyaka, who did not give a three-pointer chance to Efes with good defense in the last moments, won the game 79-73 with the points of Tyus and Yunus and carried the series to the third game.

HALL: Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

REFEREES: Aytuğ Ekti (xx), Alper Altuğ Köselerli (xx), Seher Ayşe Nur Yazıcıoğlu (xx)

PINAR KARŞIYAKA: Taylor (xxx) 20, Roll (xxx) 20, Colson (xxx) 12, M’Baye (xxx) 6, Tyus (xxx) 12, Can Korkmaz (xx) 4, Murat (x), Mahir (x) ) 1, Dolphin (xx) 4

ANADOLU EFES: Larkin (xxx) 11, Ahmet Buğrahan (xx) 9, Anderson (xx) 7, Singleton (xxx) 15, Pleiss (xx) 6, Dunston (xxx) 13, Bryant (xx) 6, Erten (x) 1, Yiğitcan (x), Ömer Can (xx) 5

1st PERIOD: 21-22

CIRCUIT: 49-42

3rd PERIOD: 63-57


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