Super League joy in Merkezefendi Municipality Denizli Basket


Merkezefendi Belediyesi Denizli Basket, who became the champion in the Turkish Basketball League by defeating Nadir Gold Istanbul Basket 87-63 on the field and 1 week before the end, experienced great enthusiasm after the end of the match. The basketball players enjoyed the celebration of the technical staff and the management and the promotion to the next league.

Basketball players from Denizli, wearing specially prepared championship t-shirts after the match, celebrated the Super League with confetti at Pamukkale University Sports Hall, decorated with balloons. While the championship banner was hung in the hall, basketball players traditionally cut the nets of the baskets.


Zafer Aktaş, the Denizli Basket Coach of Merkezefendi Municipality, who took over the team he took over from the Play-Off line in the middle of the season and became the champion for the first time in its history with 14 victories in a row, stated that they are very happy. Aktaş said, “We waited a lot for today. We have been winning for 14 games. I thank all of my players, our technical staff, our management who have always supported us. We are happy. I worked with people of many characters. I congratulate them all. Denizli desires the Super League. Today. “It is a historic day. We finally have it. Thanks to everyone who contributed. The good thing is to make this success sustainable. I think we will add color to the Super League in the new season.”


Head of Merkezefendi Municipality Denizli Basket Veli Deveciler stated that their clubs, which were established in 2018 after the championship, were promoted to the Super League within 3 years. Deveciler said, “Thank you to everyone who contributed to this success. We have done a tremendous job. Denizli will feel how important it is over time. From now on, we should set new goals and try to reach them. We want to be permanent in the Super League and we will create a team that will achieve success. “We will proceed step by step and we will achieve this job. Our team won dozens of matches without losing. Good luck to Denizli,” he said.


Altan Erol, one of the basketball players from Denizli, stated that all players are making an intense effort to achieve this success and said, “We are incredibly happy. We have fulfilled the longing of Denizli. I am very happy that it is our work. Denizli deserved Super League. I hope it will be its continuity. We want to achieve success. We worked very hard to come here. We could not start the league well, but we brought it to an end. We docked the ship to the port, “he said.

Mehmet Özdoğan said, “We played very difficult matches. We wanted the Super League very much. We finally succeeded. We want to be permanent in the Super League. It is a gift to Denizli.”


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