Take, luxury reinforcement for Mallorca

Three days after returning to Primera, Mallorca announces one of the incorporations with more buzz of the season. Takefusa Kubo returns to the island, where better has performed in the highest category of Spanish football, to reinforce the left wing of Son Moix and join in an exciting project. The player from Real Madrid will play on loan in the vermilion team until June 30, 2022.

Takefusa kubo He is a Majorcan. He will play on loan until June 30, 2022. A brilliant new move from Pablo Ortells in this market makes the Mallorca one of the First team that seems to have been reinforced better. The arrival of the Japanese becomes official after weeks of rumors that took Take on several LaLiga teams, but it has been the Balearic team who has managed to get their services for this next season. Strong argument to opt for the Mallorca option it will have been the great campaign that he ran two years ago on the island, where he managed to achieve a great level of influence in the team. Take returns to the island. And he does it to, this time, to achieve the permanence goal and establish the vermilion project in the highest category of Spanish football.

Mallorca presents (again) Kubo … riding his bike to the rhythm of ‘Verano Azul’

The incorporation of Japanese it has been made official after all afternoon with a great stir in networks, where Mallorca has played with the spectator and has interacted with several “streamers” on the series of Blue summer. In the ad there are several subsidiary players who have played the preseason with the first team showing their ignorance about the classic Spanish series, contrasting with the statements of Luís García, Manolo Reina or Dani Rodríguez, who do know the series. This leads to a scene from Take with the new and third blue Mallorca kit riding a bicycle by the athletics track of They are Moix while in the background the song of “Verano Azul” by Juan Magán. This has been the officialization of the arrival of Take to Mallorca, willing to live his second stage on the island to continue proving his worth in First.

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