Team preparations continue in Fenerbahçe Beko

The General Manager of Fenerbahçe Beko Men’s Basketball Team, Maurizio Gherardini, said that the squad structure continues due to the change of head coach.

Speaking to the press at Ülker Sports and Event Hall, the Italian manager said, “We had a very different summer. There have been important changes. Our preparation for the squad, our preparation for the season continues. In case we do not continue with Ali Muhammed, a farewell ceremony will be held. It is very valuable for us, respect. “He’s a player we’ve heard of. He gave us a lot, and we want to give him something. Some things are still on the agenda, there may be new additions.” he said.

Explaining that the departure process of Igor Kokoskov was very clear and the timing forced them, Gherardini said, “The biggest problem for us was that it was late. If it was at the end of June, it would have been discussed, but it was a problem for us that it was the third week of July. It was very difficult for the coach to leave in such a period. “At that time, it was difficult to find a new coach. We tried to handle the process in the best possible way. We needed to find a new solution as soon as possible. I had a similar experience years ago. His departure was not very dramatic, but the timing and resolution process were difficult for us.” used the phrases.

Emphasizing that the choice of Aleksandar Djordjevic was one of his few options, Gherardini said, “The most important thing was his knowledge, education, career, personality and coaching style. I have known Djordjevic for 30 years, but I have never had the opportunity to work. We looked at everything in the evaluations. He had worked with our current players, he was also a coach. It was an advantage.” made its assessment.

Gherardini added that they believe that the current squad will be successful, but that they can make reinforcements after looking at the situation of the deficiencies.

Yannier: “We will achieve our goals”

Derya Yannier, the new Assistant General Manager of Fenerbahçe Beko Men’s Basketball Team, said that she will use all her experience for the yellow-dark blue team.

Reminding that he worked in the Turkish Basketball Federation for 3 years, Yannier thanked President Ali Koç and manager Sertaç Komsuoğlu for the chance they gave him.

Expressing that the vision of Ali Koç and Sertaç Komsuoğlu has always been to develop Fenerbahçe Beko, Yannier said:

“When this offer was presented to me, it was a situation that overlapped with my individual career goals. I always set myself some goals in the field of sports management. Fenerbahçe Beko is one of the clubs with the most important basketball culture in Turkey. The opportunity to move this place forward is very valuable to me. “The important thing here is to be able to do the right things for Turkish basketball. From now on, I will spend all my knowledge to move this place forward. We will reach all our goals by developing further in harmony with this valuable team.”

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